Thursday, 11 August 2016

The Paphos Beer Festival

Today John and Robert were rewarded for all their hard work and given an afternoon/evening of boys' time as we had decided to go and try the Paphos Beer Festival.  John and I have said every year that we will go but never actually got round to it so this year we were determined.  It is on over three nights, tonight, tomorrow and Saturday but with visitors arriving the only real night we could make it was tonight.  This being a school night was no good for Lou and H as they would be working tomorrow and not knowing the format we thought (correctly as it happened) this could be a late night - mind you anything beyond 9.30pm constitutes a late night for us nowadays!! We did not know what to expect except that there were supposed to be loads of beers on offer and lots of entertainment and me not being a beer drinker chose to be drives for the outing.

We kicked off our boys' own adventure with a trip to the Beer Sellar which is located in Geroskipou.  Talk about children in a sweetie shop - it was like Christmas and Birthday all rolled into one.  So glad that it was worth making the detour before heading on down to Paphos harbour area to find somewhere to line the stomachs before the main event.

The boys decided to chose a little selection of ales to have on a special occasion - I am guessing that the two SUFC/Charlton Athletic football games this coming season will feature quite highly in the calendar and the beers will get an outing then for sure!  Although I am guessing they will probably want to do some quality control sampling before then so they know which beers are going to go best with the atmosphere of a tense football game!

We then parked up near the old Aquarium (sadly no longer there which is a shame) and walked through to Pinguino's which is a favourite haunt of Diana and Rob's (particularly in the winter).  It was very hot and sticky for late afternoon so a cold drink was very welcome and food inside tummies a must before beer drinking!

Pudding was a visit to the ice-cream/frozen yoghurt shop on Paphos front which has been there years - I am not overly bothered by ice-cream and was full of chicken Caesar salad so opted out on this but the others took the choosing very seriously and then we sat like tourists at the harbour and took an obligatory selfie to prove that we were there!

We were saying that just now and again it is really lovely to be tourists and remind ourselves of all the things that made us fall in love with the island and encourage us to move here.

I have always loved the harbour area - I don't love the time-share touts but I guess we all looked hick enough having come from them thar hills that we weren't bothered as we probably didn't look like we had any money to spend!!  but it was lovely to be involved in the hustle and bustle and watch the artists at work creating caricatures of the tourists.

A quick pop into En Plo saw Claire (de Art) had at work selling her wares and looking forward to the end of today and the end of a hard week on the harbour.

We arrived at the opening time of 6.00pm which meant the place was empty but meant (a) we secured one of the very limited seats in the place and (b) the boys could walk round easily checking it out and didn't have to queue to purchase their beer tickets.  It all kicked off nicely once the sun had gone down and the entertainment started which was excellent and where we had originally thought it was going to be a bit of a wash-out suddenly sprang to life and we changed our opinions.

One of the highlights of the evening was watching the Jet Boarders.  First off was a girl who danced to the music balancing on jets of water high into the sky and later she and another guy did some sort of weird battle with fire - never seen anything like it and was fascinated and slightly spooked as it was such a weird sensation seeing them suspended in the air like that.

We all agreed that for the entrance fee of €6.00 with a free pint it was well worth it and we really should have realised that it being a Cypriot venture nothing would happen until much later in the evening as they are so much more night-owls than we are!  I would go again and I only drank water!  And if you want to see the two jet boarders - click on the link: Jet Boarders at Paphos Beer Festival

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