Tuesday, 2 August 2016


How is this for an approach to your garden?  Cultivation with  view!  The upside to a property built on top of a hill is the stunning views - the downside is that as you get older the terraced garden gets harder and harder to manage.

I am lucky that I am just helping myself to a few veggies whilst our friends are a way which is a bonus.  I did grow a few things the first year we were here but it is hard work keeping everything watered consistently and then everything comes at once and more importantly I am a flower and shrub girl so the tomato and pepper plants just looked too untidy for my liking.  Also when these salad items are in abundance they are cheap as chips in the shops!  Clearly gardeners should be concentrating on growing the sorts of things that cost a fortune in Paps!!

Anyway be that as it may I am very appreciative of having fresh tomatoes to eat - the cucumbers were rather large and a bit yellow so I am guessing they were probably past their best.

The peaches and nectarines are not quite ready - I tested them and they were hard but blimey when they are ready I will need a forklift to help there are masses on the tree.

Whilst I was harvesting the crops John was busy calling for Millie.  She eventually turned up - not overly hungry more wanting a bit of a cuddle so he duly obliged and then sat down and watched her whilst she had her meal.  She is such a cute cat - John says she reminds him so much of our old cat Pinkie - in looks and in her mannerisms.  She looks so tiny in her summer coat - in winter she is
a right old ball of fluff.

We called round to see Diana and Rob before setting off for Paphos.  Poor Diana is suffering with her sciatic nerve.  She has been to see Marios in Polis and it is improving a little but she said yesterday she wasn't able to sit down at all.  She managed to have a drink with us this morning and text later to say she was feeling better - I have offered to ask Mum for their TENS machine that Dad used when he had sciatica - it may help and it wont do any harm.

Very hot today down in Paphos - it was our penultimate pickleball game and we were all suffering a bit from the heat and more particularly the humidity and afterwards I just collapsed at home with Dad - it was just too hot to go out and about in town.

Dad very kindly picked me my first lot of figs today and I shall be enjoying them later after they have been washed and chilled down.

John finished Badminton relatively early as he said his energy just seemed to drain away.  Best to be sensible in these conditions.

I needed to call into Paps bakery on the way home and their ice cream chiller cabinet just called to me and so I treated John to a chocolate, nut, caramel, walnut, honey confection and I plumped for sorbet - black cherry and strawberry.  It kept us cool on the way home!!

We rekindled the Lordos 1 cribbage challenge this evening now that we are back to normal and Sharon is feeling more like her old self.

Normal service has resumed - the girls gave the boys a damn good drubbing on a beautifully balmy evening with no condensation!

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