Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Wednesday WLB

This morning I went down to Akourdaleia to visit my friend Elaine because I haven't seen her for ages - she, Paul and Hadeel came to TD but to be fair I didn't really get a chance to chat to many people for long.  Since I have known Elaine she has gone from having just two rabbits living at her house to housing Hadeel's dog Maisie and then a number of cats who have sadly died to the seven that she now cares for and although they will never know it they are one lucky bunch of cats to have been rescued by her.  The little kittens are adorable particularly the little light one called Kelly who is shy and skittish.  Millie has had her nose put out of joint and is a bit miffed but having been top cat for a while she will settle down - Elaine has such a lovely large garden that there is plenty of room for them all to find their own space.  I made Elaine a sign some time ago which said Crazy Cat Lady and she is proving to be true to form!

Elaine's garden is a masterpiece - it is her absolute pride and joy and even now when there is generally very little in bloom it is full of colour and interest.

Diana and Rob dug out a pond from their garden and Elaine has now got it in her garden and it looks like it has always been there.  There is something really lovely about water in a garden and Elaine now has three or four different areas which include water.

I left with a little plant to nurture for my garden - it is a plant which Elaine tried to identify because no-one seemed to know what it was and eventually I managed to find it on the Internet and identified it as some sort of ornamental spinach which flowers and fruits and can be eaten.

This afternoon we were meeting Lou and H down at the beach at Argaka.  Again we haven't caught up with them recently so was looking forward to spending some time on the beach and then having a meal together. The sea was quite rough with strong waves but the water temperature was like a bath so it didn't really hit the spot at being refreshing.

We were joined by Mina and Claire and friends of Lou and H at the Fly Again for what turned out to be a lovely location but a rubbish meal - I have never ever been to a taverna or restaurant in Cyprus that didn't have the ingredients for a salad.  My burger was a bit suspect as it didn't seem to be very well cooked and the consistency of the meat was mushy and to be fair I had really wanted a salad and couldn't have one.

Mina wanted a glass of Carling and a Salad and could have neither and Clair wanted a salad and opted for scampi which came over cooked.  The meat platter was bereft of any steak.  I was stung a massive €3.50 for a lime and soda so disappointingly what we had thought would be a cheapish mid-week treat turned out to be a €40 disaster - wont make that mistake again - can't afford to!

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