Friday, 30 September 2016


So it is Friday - Autumn has arrived as the weather up here in the hills is cool and a little unpredictable.  The change means that we see a lot more of the cats hanging around the house during the day rather than disappearing somewhere to find the change.  Charlie (my bubs) is a firm believer in the healing qualities of sleeping in my laundry basket no matter how full.  I cannot bring myself to disturb him when he looks so comfortable.

Minnie on the other hand has adopted a throw I bought as her own - she can always be found snuggled up in the bedroom on that throw and today curled up round my teddies.  Bless her, she had such a torrid time a couple of years ago when something upset her so much she wouldn't come near the house, she was on the periphery for months before slowly, slowly we managed to persuade her that we were not the enemy.  She is cuddly and loving at night and in the morning but if you try and touch her during the day she is gone.

No pickleball today as we are short on numbers - it will take a few weeks for people to get back into the autumn/winter routine although we have visitors in October and November!!!  Whilst John was playing badminton Mum and I ran some errands.  The UK pension people are threatening to stop paying mum her paltry pension because the form stating that she is still alive didn't arrive - Dad's did, posted at the same time, but hers did not so I asked Mike if he would kindly post it in the UK when he returns this weekend and send it recorded delivery to make sure this time so we had to shoot over to the Athena Beach and drop it off before going to the Mall so that I could get my hair cut and not before time!  I like the salon in the Mall where Lumi works so it is a bit of a treat and she always cuts my hair well and today she gave me a temporary jade stripe to match the clothes that I was wearing - the receptionist was so impressed she asked to take my photograph front and back!

Then as a surprise I took Mum to a new place for a cuppa - I know that she and Dad are looking for new places to take Aunty Joyce and Uncle David when they come next week and Pam and George had recommended this little gem to us only the other day.  Mum and I had walked past it in the Spring but then they hadn't finished building it.

This new Bar is called Baracas Lounge and is situated down on the coast by the Azia.  This afternoon would have been absolutely perfect except it was blowing a hooley so my beautifully coiffed hair looked like I had been in a wind tunnel by the end of our stay!!  Still never mind I wasn't going anywhere in the evening so no-one was going to be seeing me - in fact I had partially prepared our supper which was a sort of Chicken Arabiata pasta bake which John was really looking forward to consuming later!

As we sat enjoying the beautiful scenery and watching children enjoying the lovely play area next to the bar we were approached by the dad - it turned out to be Simon (Simon and Melanie) who used to be neighbours of Mum and Dad and who have a holiday retreat in Droushia.  It was lovely to see the children enjoying themselves in the sunshine and what a lovely family unit they make.  I can't get over how much like Jasmine Frances now looks!

Supper was lovely - even lovelier because we called into Paps by the traffic lights and relieved them of two portions of their red velvet pudding!!  It is delicious and I am just going to have to find a good recipe so I can try and recreate!!!

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