Wednesday, 14 September 2016


This morning I got up to feed the cats and had to rescue one of those huge hawk moths which must have been brought in by one of the cats.  It had a severely mauled wing and was hiding under the fridge door, initially I thought it was dead but when I got a bit of kitchen roll to pick it up and take it out I realised it was still alive.

I put it in amongs one of the osteospurmum plants hopefully out of harms way so that it might recover (if it can).  It remained on the plant all day but was still alive and as I right this report it is still alive although not doing anything very much.  Don't know if that is a good sign or a bad one but I have done my best for it.

We were picking John's folks up today as they return home this afternoon.  We are a little concerned about Hadge as he was certainly not himself yesterday and there is nothing worse than feeling off when you have a flight to contend with.  The plan was to pick them up and bring them back here to sort themselves out before going down to Mum and Dad's for a spot of lunch before taking them to the airport.

Apartment Number 5 has been their apartment of choice for all of their visits so far and they have booked to come again twice next year and will be in Number 5 again.  Although you could argue that the newer block is more modern they like the position of Number 5 - they are at the end so have a slightly larger patio area out the back and if they are waiting for us they can have the door open and see us when we arrive in the car.  Number 5 on the ground floor is surrounded by the most marvellous bougainvillea plant - I don't have to duck underneath it but if you are on the tall-side you must.

Apparently there were fun and games later last night after we had left as Hadge and Janet went through to the eating area to say their goodbyes and Eva was poorly and Janet had a second fall tripping over someone's foot - this has really shaken her up.  Hadge seems improved but still not himself.

Before leaving we had to assemble for the customary C&A photograph which marks the end of every visitors stay at the establishment.  As I say there is a fabulous family feel to the place and John and I will get told off if we don't return shortly for coffee and continue to do so throughout the winter.  I need to go and spend some time with Chris (centre of this picture) to show him my camera and its wi-fi capabilities because he thinks that it would be good for him.

We said our goodbyes and quickly swung by home for a half an hour or so to check the incoming flight and have a rest before carrying on down to Emba and lunch with Mum and Dad.

Hadge didn't feel up to it so Mum knocked him up a sandwich but the rest of us enjoyed some coronation chicken, potatoes, salad and coleslaw followed by apple-pie or jelly and ice-cream.

Mum and Dad's adopted cat Fred has been in the wars again and come in in a right old state.  He has no teeth so we wonder why he continues to go out and get into a fight when he could just snooze and eat, snooze and eat to his heart's content in their house - I guess it is just in some cats unfortunately.

The incoming flight from West Midlands was a little late leaving but generally that time is made up so we got them to the airport at about 2.50pm just before everyone else was due to arrive at 3.00pm parked up and got assistance to them almost immediately - this is brilliant at Paphos Airport because we say goodbye to them at the carpark knowing they will be whisked through to Departures before we have time to blink.  I know this is such a weight off of Janet's mind - airports can be a nightmare at the best of times but combine that with a dislike of flying and coping with someone in a wheelchair and it is doubly so.

We made our way home planning an evening of absolute nothing-ness save to slob in front of the TV.  As we got to our estate our path was barred by BigFoot and her foal - she is back bless her.  We carefully negotiated our way past being careful not to get a back kick in the side of the car and then collapsed.

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