Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Last Castle

This morning even the cats seemed to be exhausted!  I tried to make the bed but Charlie resolutely refused to move and in the end I just made the bed round him.  It is obvious that George and Pam are not at home otherwise Charlie normally taps us up for his breakfast at about 5.30am by walking precariously along the top of the headboard like a high wire walker in a circus only somewhat less elegant.  I kick him out at that point and shut the window so he can't come back in and make him wait until at least 6.30am before I feed him (and the others).  After that he usually buggers off round to George's where he probably gets a second breakfast and a lot of cuddles.

This morning we were up early as I wanted to go and give my support to a coffee morning bring and buy event that was being organised by Gillian Carbine in aid of Stray Haven the dog rescue centre in Giolou and the place where the abandoned puppies in Droushia went.  It has only been up and running a short time and already Nieske has 70+ dogs and puppies sheltered there.

You can tell the evenings are cooler and the sun later to rise as the hot water at 8.00am is not quite so hot and John opted not to use the outside shower this morning as it would be a little cool!  I guess this is what we would consider Autumn here in Droushia, shorter days and cooler nights from September onwards and then when the clocks change in October winter is only just round the corner.

We took a bag of our loose shrapnel change to Gillian - no idea how much was in there but probably somewhere around 10 euros or more and I bought a couple of DVD's that I thought Mum and Dad would enjoy watching.  A drink and a piece of cake and a natter and then we were off to pick up John's Mum and Stepdad because we were heading to everyone's favourite taverna in the hills for a mass family and friends get-together for lunch.

Viklari or, as most people call it, The Last Castle, is a must-see if you are a tourist, in fact it is a must-see if you live on the island because it is a unique venue for lunch.  It is nestled high up overlooking the stretch of sea which runs from St George's to Lara.  The view is stunning and when you walk from the unimposing carpark through to the dining area with its stone tables it almost takes your breath away.

The food is simple and well done - the choice is souvla, pork or chicken, served with fresh salad and chunky chunky chips and a white bean cassoulet for vegetarians and even though I am not, that is what I always choose because it is delicious.  That's it - that's all they do and that is what they do to perfection.

We were being joined by Mum and Dad (once Dad had finished at the hospital meeting his new doctor and then returning to retrieve his hospital notes which he had left there) and by Barry Lynne and Joseph and their friends who they meet each year at the Athena Beach.  This has now become an annual thing as the twelve of us met here last year.

Having visited the place on numerous occasions for many years we are prepared, prepared that there is always a breeze up there and even in the height of the summer if you are sunburnt that breeze can feel chilly, prepared that the rustic village chairs play havoc with your bum and legs so we always take a cushion, prepared to book and arrive early so that we get a table with a view and prepared so that we book a vegetarian dish in advance to avoid disappointment!  It was as ever a lovely meal in a lovely setting and the Athena Beach Mob had arrived on buggies which they had hired for the day!

We stopped to let them pass us on the way down from Viklari so John could get a photo of them - the year when John's sister Janice and her family came out John, Mick, Lewis, Nathan, Barry and Joseph hired buggies and met us all here at Viklari - that must be about 4 years ago now!

We made our way back down to Polis to drop off John's folks, have a quick drink with them, mend their brolly which had decided to collapse and then retired home - my headache had come back so I was glad to just lie on the sofa and watch some dross for the remainder of the day.

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