Monday, 19 September 2016


Last night we noticed we had little to no water pressure - a surefire indication that we have a water cut - today we woke to absolutely no water coming from the drinking tap and that meant that whatever water we had still remaining in our tanks would not be replaced when we drew some off - deep joy.

On my way down to Art this morning (John was going to Polis for the weekly shop) I called in to see Marianna who explained that it was a big problem somewhere like Arodes and that she hoped it might be seen to today but really had no idea and as she had spent the weekend doing a round of weddings in Nicosia had plenty of washing to do herself.

There is nothing we can do in circumstances like this except wait it out and be sensible with our water usage.  Fortunately we have quite a lot of bottled water for drinking and if all else fails we can use the swimming pool for our ablutions!

Now that we are returning to something more like a normal routine I was going to art this morning and staying for lunch which I haven't done for several weeks.  I am on a bit of an art roll at the moment as I have been making some Christmas Cards when I have five minutes.  I decided to try something a little different and made a selection of Poinsettia themed ones using a raw potato as my stamp for the petals.  I quite like them - they are bright and cheerful!

On the subject of my art the picture of the ballet shoes has finally gone to its new home as I handed it over at the weekend.  I am rather chuffed when someone asks if they can buy one of my pictures - it is so nice to see my work appreciated.  I could never do it full time and I would never make a living out of it because I just ask for a small amount - I probably undersell myself but at least I don't have loads of pictures sitting around.

My current picture is taking shape - the roses are complete all bar a final touch-up at the very end so I am onto the leaves and I had forgotten how much blending leaves can take and how detailed it can be - I was working so close to the picture that when I looked away nothing else was in focus.

Sheila's dogs come in and out - normally at the beginning to say hello - Charlie is always there but Benji is much more ambivalent about it.  They trot in again about the time that they consider to be lunchtime apart from that they don't disturb us and are out and about in the garden unless it is raining!  Speaking of which we have some forecast for later this week!

We know that the summer season is over now that we have restarted our belly dancing lessons on a Monday night down in Polis.  So good to be back doing an exercise I actually enjoy and with others who are, in the main, as clueless as I am when Sofi decides to go off-piste which she always does at the end of our routines!!!  We had a good class full today with Diana, Cara, Norma and I from last year being joined by Lynne, Paula, Mary and June.

I managed to duck out at the end and got the job of videoing our latest routine so that I could post it up on the internet and attendees could then refresh themselves as to what we will be concentrating on next week.  It is on YouTube and can be viewed here: Belly Dancing Homework!

Can you believe that when we got back in the car to come home at 7.15pm it was showing 38 degrees inside!!!  By the time we returned to the dizzy heights of Droushia it was a much more acceptable 25 degrees!

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