Sunday, 4 September 2016


So how come the more sleep you get the more you seem to need?  There has been a tangible change to the weather over the last few days - the evenings here in Droushia are cool and during the night very damp with condensation forming so that we wake and everything is soaking wet - no need for much watering but we do need to collect in anything that is outside that shouldn't get wet which means we can end up looking a bit like a Chinese Laundry.

Today I was having both sets of parents up for Sunday Lunch.  We have done so much eating over the past few weeks that I just wanted something light and tasty that hopefully everyone would enjoy.  I didn't really want to do veg although it was probably the safer option as both Mum and Janet only eat certain elements of salad so I can't just make one big one for us all.

Anyway I decided that I would do some nice oven baked Cyprus potatoes with a general salad for John, Hadge, Dad and me, a special salad for Mum and Janet, some coleslaw and some beetroot and to go with it some chicken - you can't really go wrong with chicken although it isn't always my favourite if it is tough and dry.  So I scoured the internet for some ideas as to how I could ensure the chicken was moist and tasty - when Bassam does his chicken skewers for the Lebanese nights they are always melt in the mouth.  So who knew that you could marinate chicken in 7Up?  Apparently the chemical composition of that particular fizzy pop is brilliant for breaking down the chicken.  Always game to try something new I had placed the Nelly Big Boobs into a casserole last night swimming in 7Up, Soy Sauce and a little olive oil.  Alongside I had made a hickory smoked sauce to slather over said chicken.  Time would tell...

When we woke this morning the skies over towards Paphos were as black as your hat and I was sure it was going to rain - fortunately it didn't but it was definitely much cooler with a stiff breeze and the temperature in the pool had clearly dropped as you can see from John's mum's stance as she is tentatively getting into the pool and staring at the thermometer as if willing it to tell a different story!

Whilst I busied myself in the kitchen the menfolk chilled out in the conservatory.  That addition to our house has been worth it's weight in gold - it has paid for itself time and time again as it is the one place everyone migrates to winter and summer.

The newly tiled floor makes it much easier to keep clean although there are times when we think we should have opted for the grey rather than the biscuit colour!

Everything under control I went into the pool with the mums - it was cool to get in but once in was lovely until the breeze began to pick up and the wind chill became a bit too much!

We remembered that our friends Lynne and Barry and Joseph and their friends from the Athena Beach were hiring a boat from Latchi Harbour today - we hoped it wouldn't be too choppy for them - there didn't seem to be any white horses from what we could see but we know from past experience that the weather can change very quickly and if you are at Blue Lagoon needing to get back to the Harbour it can be hard work trying to out run and incoming storm.

The verdict on the pop infused Chicken was that it was delicious and it was - very succulent as John had been careful not to overcook it and the salad and potatoes went down well to.  We finished the meal with some paps Orange cake and cream before a family game of Mexican trains - we have always played some sort of board game or cards on a Sunday right from when I was a little girl and we continue with that tradition.

I was very grateful to Mum and Dad for picking up John's folks and taking them back for us which saved us a trip down to Polis and back.  We had just got everything cleared away and sorted when we had a message from the Robsons to say they had finished their boat trip and their friends were returning to the Hotel so they wondered if they could call in for a cuppa.  Always good to see them and glad that they wanted to swing by so we spent an hour having a drink and a chat before they set off back to Paphos.  We shall catch up again on Wednesday when we are all lunching at the Last Castle.

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