Sunday, 18 September 2016


Our Sunday morning peace was somewhat shattered today because the workers had come to deal with the remainder of the grain which has been drying down in the turning bay of the 'new' road (now five years old).  The pile of grain will have been visited by birds, by mice and rats, by snakes and by our cats who will have played in it and worse undoubtedly.  We told John's Mum that the grain was used to make flour and then to make bread, she was less than impressed and asked which bakery might use it?  Eventually we put her out of her misery and said that we thought it was used to make feed for animals, at least we think that is what it is used for otherwise the local village bread may contain ingredients you wouldn't have thought of!

Today I took the opportunity to get some cleaning done - floors and dust, dust forming balls of tumbleweed - it is an occupational hazard and I can cope for a few days and then I am so ashamed I have to sort it so today out came the steamer - I thought I would try the brush/steamer combo rather than the swiffer/mop combo - neither of which are brilliant because some of the grouting needs so be raised - there are just too big a gap between some of the tiles and it harbours dust - dust anyone? (John always says that when I mention Dust - it is a line from a Fat Fighters scene out of Little Britain).

Boo has been a bugger of late - he has continuously removed his collars - some of which we have located others we have not.  He came crying with his tooth caught in the last one and he had struggled to remove it and failed.  The last time this happened he came back looking like he had mumps as he had struggled so much he ended up with a swollen neck.  The trouble is he is so beautiful and so friendly that I would hate for someone to think he needed a home which is why we keep a collar on him.  Having got a bit traumatised he is in for extra cuddles and so John gave him a cuddle this morning whilst he was catching up watching the highlights of the boxing match which was on late last night.  This picture made me laugh when I took a second look because of the unfortunate positioning of Boo Boos tail!!!

I have just found out that it is our lovely friends' Klaus and Sheila's wedding anniversary tomorrow - I don't know why I didn't have it in the diary but I didn't so I needed to get a card made for tomorrow when I go to art - I can't believe that the highlight of their anniversary will be me going round for Art and poor Klaus having to feed me!

Still they had a nice time on Saturday when they met up with Mum and Dad to have some lunch at Tala Monastery one of their favourite places.  I know the design is simple but sometimes with a handmade card less is most definitely more!

We had a visitor this afternoon - our lovely friend Sonia Demetriou who is over at the moment house hunting - looking for somewhere to rent which will become her forever home.  She has finally decided that this is where she wants to be and having come back she says it feels right.  She has been picking our brains on moving and we have been trying to give her as much information as we can based on our experiences six years ago.  We were chuffed to hear that she had met the same man that arranged our shipping with a view to arranging hers.  Mark Chudleigh did us absolutely proud and we have no hesitation in recommending him for the job.  It was a lovely leisurely afternoon sat under the gazebo with tea and biccies planning her future.  We just need to find her a nice little traditional family house to rent so that she can enjoy her retirement doing the things she wants to do - good luck Sonia and welcome back - hopefully we will spend some very happy times in the future 'living the dream'.  She asked if we had any regrets - we had to think long and hard - no, no regrets, people we miss that we may never get to see again but that is about it everything else we have approached with an "adapt and overcome mentality" and it has worked.

This evening we were eating down with Mum and Dad.  It was the most beautiful evening and we were able to sit out on their front veranda to have our meal.  It was a steak supper and the steak was absolutely melt in your mouth - John and I felt like right gannets as we devoured ours with relish (with a mustard sauce actually) as we had not eaten since breakfast in anticipation of tonight's supper.  The sun went down like a fireball and it was very very warm.  We finished our meal and then embarked on a game of dominos which made a welcome change from cards although John accused me of being uber-competitive - Moi??? oooooooh talk about pot kettle and black!!

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