Friday, 23 September 2016


I usually write my blog the day after events have happened and post them a week later for obvious reasons as this does not leave us open to unscrupulous people who will know when we are out - not that I can imagine my blog is very high up on the organised crime radar.  Just lately we have been so busy that I am later and later catching up on the diary and sometimes I struggle to remember what I have done.

This morning I was treating myself to a little me time and going down to Polis for a facial at Beauty by Kate's.  I would really like to go a little more often but it is a luxury for me so I spread out my visits throughout the course of the year spending about the same as John does on his ENAD season ticket (which will come into play this Saturday).

It was a hot day today but the main tourist season is over so I managed to park easily at the back of the square and walk through towards the salon.  I bumped into Cara on her way to work and popped my head round the door of the Exhibit Centre to say hello to Janet and have a little look at the goodies inside.  I guess it is Janet that dresses the window- she does a really good job because it always looks inviting and there is some lovely stuff in there most of which is produced by local crafters.

Beauty by Kate's is a little oasis of calm and cool.  As a working mother married into a Cypriot family with a fab husband, three lovely children and a successful business Kate is keen to put something back into the community so last year she did a massive fundraise for Breast Cancer Awareness - something which unfortunately has touched so many of us one way or another.  This year one of her colleagues Sia has asked if the salon could support her initiative to raise money for some of the under-privileged children in the area.  So between them they are making up goodie boxes for men and women and ALL the proceeds will go directly to those children or families who need some help.  I am going to plug this for them and I am going to grab one of these boxes myself - it is for such a good cause.

My pamper was lovely and I got to experience some hot stone reflexology because Kate had the stones hot when I went in, There is something very relaxing about having thin pebbles between your toes that emanate an internal warmth.  Big thanks Kate because she added that onto my normal facial at no extra charge.

After my sesh I went round to have a good look in Home Concept as I rarely get the opportunity to be in town without John and a tight deadline to get home (John had gone to John Read's to sort out a load of wood for the winter).  I was in search of inspiration for an upcoming special birthday and for once I am out of ideas!

As I said John was sorting out wood for this winter.  We will not freeze that is for sure as between them John Read and my John chopped up some wood we had collected about three years ago so it is well dried out - we stacked it under the covered walkway so it will remain reasonably dry and now I know John will be itching to light the wood burner.

His reward for what had been a long a sticky day was a dip in the pool and a beer with Chivvy-Pops for company - I declined the invitation today I wasn't in the mood and I don't believe him when he says it is lovely once you get in!!!

We closed the day by going out for a meal with our neighbours George and Pam.   Their two month stay is going by so fast before we know it they will have returned to London and we will be looking towards Christmas.  They wanted to take us out for a meal for all the things we have done for them to make sure their house is ok whilst they are here and when they are not.  It was our choice and we wanted to keep to the village so we could all walk and have a little drinkie and so we plumped for a meze at Finikas.  We had a lovely evening, part way through we were joined by some other diners as Nico the actor brought family in with him.  I haven't seen him for a while so it was good to say hello.  We were all stuffed from the food and John opted for ouzo back at George's in the vain hope that it might help him digest his food!!

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