Friday, 2 September 2016

Walking Wounded

Ok so not the best start to today between me, John, Janet and Hadge.  I didn't eat much yesterday - too busy - but had a glass of wine before going to bed and woke with a thumping headache and took Paracetemol on an empty stomach and then was promptly sick.  John got stung by something on his arm en route to the swimming pool, Janet was nursing insect bites that are absolutely awful and all over her body and then to cap it all Hadge took a tumble trying to get into our pool, fortunately he sat down hard on the runners of our sliding doors, quite elegantly as it happened so shocked himself more than he hurt himself but it was a worry.  He seemed to be ok as the day went on and managed to take a walk around the Mall this afternoon when we met up with Mum whilst John was playing badminton but we wondered whether he might be a little concussed as he put up no argument when Janet bagged herself three pairs of sandals!

After a tiring day yesterday we were up at the crack of sparrows (or that is how it felt) to be down to Polis for 9.00 as we were picking up Janet and Hadge and bringing them back to ours before going down to Paphos for the afternoon to catch up with mum and then a quick turn round back to Polis before a shower and then out to belatedly celebrate Rob's birthday which was yesterday.

Whilst I was helping Elena, John went round to wish him a happy birthday and deliver his present of two specialist beers and a beer glass all in a suitably decorated presentation box all lovingly wrapped up in a Charlton Athletic decorated gift bag.

A big fat happy birthday kiss to the lovely Robert from me which I am glad I didn't collect yesterday because he was clearly having a shave holiday!  Much better that I collected it this evening when we were all spruced up for our night out!

So a morning at ours with a light lunch and then down to Paphos to pick up Mum and then to the Mall where I went off to get George's tarpaulins and Elena's picture frames whilst Janet add to her Imelda Marcos shoe collection and Mum treated Dad to a new phone with a lovely clear screen, big buttons and loud ring-tone (perfect).  Quickly dropped off Janet and Hadge in Polis before coming home to get ready for our night out when John was detained by George as he wanted to cover up his old suite (which is currently languishing outside until we can find it a home) and then detained by Angela who wanted to come and look at our pool and deliver a gift to us - in my case a really nice designer shawl (check out Kate Spade).  This left us with 10 minutes to get ready!

Our final destination for this evening was Coral Bay and the Blue Olive for a really lovely evening - good food and good company and a big big big big thank-you to Diana for being the driver home because tonight I got to have a drink and relax which was lovely.  Big big big big thank you to Rebecca, Derrick, Charlotte and Dan for being brilliant hosts.  No big thanks to the humidity that did something awful with my hair!

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