Wednesday, 21 September 2016


First of all I have to apologise to Roberto for not giving him a mention the other day when he came up to watch footie with John.  Better late than never here is my mention of Roberto and it was a pleasure to have you here as always xx

On to today we are still without water and you don't realise just how much you take it for granted until it isn't there any more.  In desperation we jumped into the pool at about 7.30am for a wash - it was bracing but at least I wouldn't be going to the gym (first day back after the summer recess) looking like Wurzel Gummidge.

The Three Amigos that's me, John and Diana gave ourselves a gentle ease-in to our regime.  I started with my normal 20 minute routine on the static bike and wanted to record my progress so that I could compare it with what I manage the next time but failed to get a photograph of the distance and the calories!  Let's just say it felt a bloody long way and my bum and legs is going to confirm that tomorrow!  Then I moved to the weights machine that you pull up and down which I do in a vain attempt of tackling my bingo wings.

I have a real incentive to tone up though because next year my nephew is getting married in Dubai - I will, all things being equal, be escorting Mum and Dad and, as I am guessing the ceremony will be attended by lots of pretty young things, I really don't want to look like the sad old poor relation from up in them thar hills. I like my food too much though and I like a slurp or two of Agios Onoufrious and neither of those things can be kept under control without some exercise.

With water off in the whole village for the third day the Hotel was up against it as their drinks dispensing machines are continuously fed so they were having to boil kettles to provide people with hot beverages.  Luckily for us Yiota was in charge and she knows we like to have a nice refreshing cup of lemon tea after our work-out so she was on the ball.

I did a little sewing this morning - I found a nice pair of linen trousers that I am ruining because they are too long now that I wear flats about 99% of the time so I decided I would take them up and then iron them along with Mount Everest that is lurking in my ironing basket.  Oh dear, couldn't do the ironing today as Charlie was holding it hostage - and it seemed such a shame to disturb him because at least when he is asleep he isn't being naughty.

There was no pickleball today, we didn't have enough numbers what with visitors and illnesses so I took Mum down to the harbour to investigate the Debenhams closing down sale.  Everything is reduced by upto 70% but it is like the world's biggest jumble sale or TK Maxx on Speed!!!!!  There are bargains to be had if you are prepared to sift you way through row upon row of clothes all rammed onto hangers.  Nothing is in any sort of order, all different sizes, brands and colours all thrown together.  I had hoped that I might find something suitable to wear next April in Dubai and whilst I kind of lost the will to live surrounded by so much 'stuff' I eventually picked out a few dresses and eventually decided I really liked the one in the picture.  It looks nothing on the hangar but it fits really nicely and is in a material that doesn't look like it will get crushed to death in a suitcase - simple but smart and I can chose whether to wear black, white or coral accessories.  It is difficult to see in the photo but the pinky colour is definitely what I would term coral - sadly Debenhams yielded no shoes which were suitable although they had some really nice ones in the sale.  I might just have to pay it another visit before it shuts completely which I think is supposed to be around November time.  I feel quite pleased about this - all I need now is to get those bingo wings firmed up as it is sleeveless!

Still no water on our return home although I had a message from Andri to tell me that she thought it would be back on later this evening.  We got notification from Sheila and Diana that theirs had returned but still nothing at ours.  Marianna rang to tell me that the problem was fixed but that the water supply was slowly coming back and that the hotels in the village were having their vast tanks topped up so the rest of us would have to wait.  In the end it did return but very late although better late than never.  

Bad weather is forecast and the weather is definitely on the turn - we had thought we would have rain today but the wind was blowing the clouds across too quickly.  It is so much nicer for sleeping though.

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