Monday, 17 October 2016

A new week begins

So another new week begins.  We are most definitely into the Autumn as every morning we are greeted by everything covered in condensation and dripping wet.  Sadly it is time to start packing things away so they don't get damaged.  We have one more set of visitors staying with us but not till mid November so we will just get any cushions out we need at the time.  I went round the garden today collecting up cushions and rugs and throws which we will store in George and Pam's having asked their permission to do so.  It seems a bit sad really packing up for the Winter particularly as the days are so lovely - it is just the nights that are cooling down dramatically.  We just hope that mid November we will have some sunshine for Sally and Tommy to enjoy although whatever happens I know we are going to have a great weekend together.

We are anticipating World War III to break out today as Minnie has stolen a march on Charlie and found the laundry basket.  She has her earmite problem back - John just can't understand why vets and pharmaceutical companies cannot find a permanent solution to this problem.  We use the Frontline back of the neck stuff and it works for a short while and then they are back with a vengeance.  Boo and Chivers have each lost collars today - we are going to have to ask people to send some out so anyone reading this if you go near a pound shop then can you get me some of the quick release collars to replenish my stocks.  THANKS xx

Up early this morning before art - how great is it that I can get two loads of washing done and out on the line and know it will dry and, as I have done the bedding on both the guest bed and our own bed that if I play my cards right they can go back on the bed without any ironing!  Fresh Hay tonight - always makes for a better night's sleep!

So art today and I am very close to finishing my picture - Lola will be pleased as she cannot wait to have her own little work of art and I am really happy with this picture and know that it will be going to a good home.  I have just got the butterfly to finish and then it will be framed and I will face the daunting task of starting a new picture.  I have chosen the subject matter but in case anyone reading would like something done for them I am open to suggestions!!

My walk home was an exceptionally pleasant one as it was such a glorious day - I chose the route which takes me down out of the village and along the main road then up past where the fires were last weekend.  I did this route last week not realising that John had taken it upon himself to come and pick me up and so we missed each other completely.

A lot of the villages are being 'prettied up' with natural stone walls which have alcoves which house pretty little mosaics.  Although to my mind the mosaic on the right seems to be upside down - I would have thought it was supposed to be a vase but what do I know!!!.  Anyway this year I am going to be doing traditional mosaic work when they send the handicraft people down from Nicosia.  I decided to change from weaving even though I was keen to get my hands on the looms and make a couple of rugs but the teacher apparently spoke no English and it was three full days!  Anyway we are now in the throws of trying to organise the six half days when we will be making our mosaic fish.  It will fall around the time that Sally and Tommy are here so I will miss some of the lessons but Eleni seems to think I will be able to make it up.

Diana had picked up a parcel for me today and I was pleased that inside were the two belly dancing coined belts that I had ordered - one for her and one for me.  It is amazing how having a good belt can make such a difference as the jangling of the coins lets you know whether you are 'tacking' in the right places!

A good crowd tonight - Diana brought her visitor Jo and it was lovely to see Paula back after her very traumatic last few weeks.

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