Friday, 14 October 2016

Friday - Visitors

John and I will be having Aunty Joyce and Uncle David up to stay with us this weekend - it splits their two weeks and gives them a mini holiday within a holiday.  This has become something of a tradition now and last year we went to the theatre on the Friday night before coming up to Droushia and then on the Saturday we ate at Finikas in Polis and on the Sunday met up with Mum and Dad at Sea Rays for Sunday lunch before handing them over.

Knowing that Aunty Joyce likes figs I sent John on a mission today whilst I was tidying up - he had brought some of the green honey figs from Mina's when he went to collect the generator but today he went off in search of the big purple ones and came back with some corkers from a tree which clearly doesn't get regular footfall past it - thank you that will do nicely!!

The importance of my blog was reinforced by my Aunty who has always recorded in a diary but used to throw them away but has, since 1972 kept them - how fascinating to be able to look back every day for 44 years and see what you done and where you have been.  She says as she uses a 5 year diary she can only record in brief but even so...

Our plans for them this weekend include a meze at Finikas in the village as they said they would be able to walk there and back and Aunty Joyce was pretty impressed when we went there for Ladies Lunch and she thought Uncle David would be happy to tackle almost everything that was put in front of us.  Then we plan a trip to Latchi with a spot of late l unch on Saturday and on Sunday I am hopefully cooking for them and Mum and Dad - I say hopefully because we are due a mega power cut so that might curtail what I am able to produce.

The guest bedroom is now firmly out of bounds it being all nice and clean and ready so the cats have migrated over onto our bed - Mrs Miniver Minnie Mou sits like the queen surrounded by her pillows scowling at the others if they come too close and Bootilicious Mr Boo the Boo-Meister has settled on his favourite blinkie (as knitted by my sister and now pulled in a million places).  We left them there when we went down to Emba for the afternoon and they emerged from there when we returned several hours later.

We have made sure we have David's favourite tipple in stock - he is a whisky man and always goes home with a discounted bottle of Famous Grouse or two as it is much cheaper here!

He is the self-appointed drinks monitor and around 6.00pm will take himself off to the bar and organise the evening's libation for those in attendance - hey it's a shit job but someone has to do it!

Sure enough when it was 6.00pm somewhere in the world he performed his duties - with some help from John (in fact mainly by John) and we enjoyed a little potation before getting ready for our big night out in downtown Droushia.

The walk down through the village was very pleasant - John hung back to make sure that Charlie and Chivers didn't follow - they tried as they always do but eventually John managed an SAS manouevre to outfox them and joined us just before we got to the taverna.  It is now much quieter in the village although some others Cypriots did come in to eat whilst we were there - well we think they did as they kept moving tables - I think possibly the man wanted to smoke and actually observed the non smoking sign under which he was sat and moved outside prompting his wife/partner to go out in search of a jumper!

We chose to sit indoors at Finikas because it was much cooler up here and in fact much cooler than it has been for a few days.  Although when I nipped to the loo the courtyard out the back seemed a reasonable temperature.  We had the meze and it was excellent - all the things which we like and then some - far too much food for us so we remembered to bring the remainder home with us this time.  It was accompanied by a nice bottle of our favourite wine and full and happy we managed to walk home without incident taking it slowly up the hills.  They seemed really happy with the choice, the food, the wine and the ambiance.

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