Monday, 3 October 2016


The start to a new week - Pam and George's last and a week to go before my Aunt and Uncle arrive - looking at the diary it is a busy one for us with something pencilled in most days.  No water again today though which is not a good start - thank god I had my hair cut on Friday as it doesn't get quite so bed-heady as before and a quick dowsing with water brings it back to life.

I love Monday's - how different to when I used to go to work when Mondays would fill me with dread as to what the week would bring.  Now I tootle down to Sheila and Klaus's and spend a very pleasant couple of hours colouring with Sheila - I say colouring but as you know the pastel pencil medium is a lot more than that!  Lola is desperate for her picture - I may get it finished next week but am not going to rush it.  Today I did leaves, leaves and more leaves, blending and colouring, colouring and blending in the hopes that they will bear some resemblance to a rose's foliage.  It always helps when you like the picture you are doing and I really like this - I can see some areas which I did originally which will need a little more work before it is completed so that the rose bud and flower look sharp but on the whole I am pretty pleased with the progress so far.

It was a cool start to the day but once the sun had broken through it was beautiful and my walk through the village has returned to being one when I see next to no-one.  Most of the visiting Drouseians have gone and there are only a few hardy tourists staying in Ktima and Sappho Manor.

My friend Georgia has returned to South Africa.  The house is closed up again and the traditional chairs and tables once more stacked up on the inside.  No voices coming from within, no sound of the children laughing and no smell of cooking coming from the garden behind.  She will be back and one year she plans to be back for good in the meantime she catches up with life in the village through my posts - the internet makes distances shrink and contact so much easier.

I did see Marianna who obviously was getting fed-up with people asking about the water situation - but she did say it was a problem in Stroumbi this time and hopefully it would be resolved later today.

I also called into the Post Office and picked up a whole pile of post including my new shoes for the wedding - with my arms full I made my way down the newly watered front steps and ended up on my backside.  Marina was mortified.  No real harm done - not immediately but I did feel it later at belly dancing.

I always take my camera with me with I walk in the village - you never know what you might see and as I am always looking for something for Art I take some fairly random photographs!  These glass jars stuck in the wall with the beautiful blue surround have been there for years.  The property is locked up and seemingly abandoned.  I wonder why they are there and what they might have contained.  Pretty soon you wont be able to see them at all as the pomegranate tree grows across the face the aperture - but I will know they are there as they have them captured on camera!

This afternoon we went round to George and Pam's for the official unveiling of the painting I have done for them.  They wanted it hung immediately and seemed to be really pleased with it.  George kept saying he was so happy to have original works of art hanging on his wall and the three which he has all have a blue theme running through them so they compliment one another.  I have to say that up on the wall this doesn't look so bad - anyway it was free and I know they paid quite a bit for one of the others!

The day was rounded off with a belly dancing session and a hard one at that!  I called round to C&A to drop off that mammoth marrow-kin that I photographed yesterday - Eva was absolutely delighted and on hearing of the belly dancing proclaimed that she would join us in the winter when they have no tourists staying - good on her - she will make it a right laugh.

Called in to see Susan on our way back - John has had to shoot back to the UK because his elderly mother has had a fall and as she suffers with dementia or Alzheimers this has made it worse.  Susan is waiting for news as to whether she has stabilised sufficiently for John to return to Cyprus.

My favourite tea tonight - a bacon brie and cranberry salad mmm mmm mmmmmmmm!  An episode of Hunted, a small glass of wine and then to bed - up early for gym in the morning!

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