Saturday, 15 October 2016

Saturday with visitors

We have visitors this weekend and so our Saturday started in a leisurely way with breakfast outside under the gazebo making the most of the autumn sunshine.  It was a beautiful morning and we had decided that we would have breakfast and then go for a late lunch down at Latchi and then come back via the hotel for a cocktail or something and then have a quiet evening in with a 'picky tea' after a game of doms or cards or something.

We had everything in for full English but our guests preferred to opt for the fresh fruit platter, yoghurt and honey followed by toast.  I actually baked some figs for my aunty because she loves them and wont have any when she returns to the UK.  John has found a tree which has plenty of super figs nd so she was thrilled to be sampling some of them.

 After a leisurely morning sitting round reading we set off for Latchi - what a day it was still 30 degrees according to the car thermometer!

We parked up at Psarapoulis and then walked along the coast path heading for Molos and a late lunch.

My aunt and uncle are good company even though they are in their 80s.  They are happy to walk for a bit providing that it is relatively flat and are happy to eat just about anything and like to relax with a good book when they are back at the house, plus Uncle David likes football (being a Reading supporter) so he is happy to discuss that with John and was looking forward to watching a bit of the England match later this evening if we could fit it in.

We had a lovely walk and settled down at one of the outside tables at Molos for our lunch.  Both being fish eaters they plumped for the sea bream special whilst John had the steak baguette and I had the chicken Caesar wrap.  It was a lovely meal and they thoroughly enjoyed it - we wasted a pleasant couple of hours there chatting and people watching before walking slowly back to the car and our next destination.

Next stop was the Droushia Heights Hotel where we opted to share a carafe of the house wine which we know is Kolios so eminently drinkable!  We sat out on the terrace amusing ourselves watching two girls who were staying at the hotel trying to get into the swimming pool - it was bound to be cool but probably not as cool as they had anticipated!  It took them a while with a lot of grimacing and sharp intakes of breath but they made it in the end - I take my hat off to them as there is no way I would fancy going into the Hotel pool now - I thought it was cold in July when we stayed for our anniversary!

So we rounded off our day with an amiable game of doms, the England v Malta football match and 'picky tea'.  Uncle David is hysterical at playing doms because he has no strategy whatsoever and it takes him half of the game to realise what exactly he is supposed to be doing!  Aunty Joyce sits very patiently next too him guiding him along and pointing out the error of his ways and he just laughs all the way through!

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