Tuesday, 25 October 2016


We have a new kid on the block because Sharon and Sean have adopted a little dog (actually not so little for a five month old!) who was living in poor conditions down in Prodromi until they took her on.  She is called Ko-Ko pronounced cocoa and we are not surprised that they have a dog because when they lived here before they brought their two little dogs over with them.

Although we are, fundamentally cat people I know that John would love a dog and at some point in the future we will have a dog but when and if we do we want to be able to spend quality time with it and make sure it is a well behaved dog that we can take anywhere with confidence.

So let's say hello to newbie Ko-Ko who is lovely - she is going to be quite a large dog if the size of her feet is anything to go on but she is gentle and quiet and surprisingly well behaved for having been moved into new surroundings and having been separated from her mum and brother.

When we were driving to the hotel for gym this morning we saw Sharon taking her for a walk and by the time I got to meet her she had been on three walks before about 12.00am!  I am not normally a dog person but she is lovely and she has certainly fallen onto her paws by being adopted by Sharon and Sean.

So this afternoon it was sport as normal for John and I but sadly not for Mum who has developed a trapped nerve or something in her back and so cannot play - she is sensibly having a bit of a rest to let it recover.  Although only four of us at pickleball we had a good session and I had to take a photograph of Jeff's t-shirt because that gives me an idea for a sign - particularly for someone I know who is a bit of a rugby fan!!

On my return from PB I had a couple of little jobs to sort out for Mum and Dad - one involved trying to sort out Dad's access via the internet to his bank account.  Bloody hell how hard could that be?  Let me tell you it is exceptionally hard when you are trying to deal with a call centre who don't appreciate that your Dad is 85 and his only crime is not to have used the keypad for a few weeks.

I gave up in the end because in order for him to gain access to check the balance on his account we have to sell our soul to the devil, run the London Marathon, split the atom and achieve world peace but not necessarily in that order.

I managed to get a phone number for the local branch so that I can try and speak to someone direct, although I am not holding my breath I am hoping that common sense will prevail!

Annoyingly I had to give up and take the information home with me - if I couldn't manage to get things sorted what hope does an octogenarian have?

Mum and I went off to Paps so that I could get a bit of shopping.  Glad to report that my aunt and uncle got home safely although not until the early hours of the morning.

The weather is changing and on our return to Droushia there were plenty of clouds about - rain is forecast this week although it doesn't say where but we are desperate for rain and to be fair I would rather it came now than in November when we have our lovely friends Sally and Tommy coming for a flying four day visit.

I haven't been sleeping too well and last night I had a dreadful night's sleep so this evening I had a massive weary on.  John is pleased that we have a week of evenings at home - this is quite rare but it is a good opportunity for us to recharge our batteries.

We had a fridge surprise supper - jacket potatoes with a lounza, pepper, onion and cheese sauce - using up a few things that had been lurking for a while.  It was delicious!  With a full tummy I left John listening to Sheffield United and I snoozed on the sofa with Boris for company.  Slapped wrists because I forgot to post my blog - OMG Diana and Louise will be beside themselves!  Sorry Peeps.

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