Thursday, 6 October 2016

Work Life Balance Day...

We had a visitor in the garden today - a bird very similar to the one which met its maker after flying into the conservatory glass and landing in the pool.  This one was very much alive and taking advantage of one of the water bowls we have dotted around the garden for the cats.  Fortunately this one was in need of topping up so the bird was in no danger of drowning.  It spent quite a while jumping in and out and getting itself wet and then drying off on the side and then repeating the exercise.

John managed to get the little camera and to get a photograph before it flew happily off, undisturbed by the cats and by us.  A beautiful little thing with beautifully coloured plumage - will need to get my bird book out and identify it.

We had arranged to meet Lou and H down in Latchi today on one of their WLB days.  They were working this morning in Neo Chorio and were free this afternoon so it was an ideal opportunity to catch up and take a swim and top up our tans.  Main tourist season is over so whilst La Plage is still packed the far end of the beach is nigh on empty - we prefer it here - we have the security of the life guard and the shower and changing room near by.

We got ourselves down to the beach good and early and set up our camp - going into the sea before Lou and H arrived.  It was lovely - it had been a bit choppy as there was quite a bit of seaweed at waters edge but the water was warm and the sky was cloudless and the view across to the mountains sharp and clear - no heat haze today even though it was beautifully warm.  So warm in fact that during the couple of hours that we were there I really caught the sun and have strap marks that I didn't have before!

Lou and H arrived and we swam and we chatted and we swam some more and we relaxed.  On days like today I have to remind myself that this is where I live - I can take advantage of the beach any day that the weather allows and that people spend an awful lot of money to come out here for just two weeks and we have had nearly six years.

With this in mind Louise says that now H has reached the milestone that is 60 she is going to try and allocate more time to appreciating the beautiful island that we live on.  I know it must be difficult when your income is dependent upon the hours that you work so it can be hard to turn things down but you just never know what might lurk just round the corner.  We have heard of so many people who have been touched by sadness recently that it just makes you think that you need to grasp life by the scruff of the neck and make the most of it.

We chose to eat at Molos which is a favourite spot for lunch as they do some fabulous lunchtime specials - a favourite of which is the steak baguette with chips and salad for around €7.00 plus they do a nice non-alcoholic beer (which probably costs more than the real thing) so I can have a drink and drive home without worrying.

It was a lovely afternoon and we penciled in WLB days for October and November - blimey where the hell is this year going??  Before we know it it will be Christmas and we will have Jane and John here.

Lordy Lordy we actually had an evening in and we made the most of it - I managed to catch up on Great British Bake-Off which I enjoy but to which I will give a stiff ignoring when it moves to Channel 4 if, as they predict, Gerry Ginger Spice will be presenting I cannot stand that woman - she had no talent as a Spice Girl and she hasn't added to her ability in the interim years.

 Finally John managed to get me to stay awake enough to watch a film from start to finish with no snoozes - he even allowed me to make the choice and I chose The Dressmaker starring Kate Winslet - it was quite enjoyable - a bit far fetched but pretty good.

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