Monday, 28 November 2016

Don't kill Kenny...

So little Kenny is going for his operation today - the vehicular equivalent to hip replacement - Kenny is elderly and showing signs of wear and tear and his joints are in need of some TLC.  As we are lending Kenny to Jane and John for a couple of days when they come at Christmas we felt it only right that the knocking noise be addressed and the CV joints replaced.  I love little Kenny - he is a great little work horse and we aren't overly precious about him - he has his fair share of knocks and scrapes - added by others I might add - but he is mine.

We were up early to take Kenny down to the garage and back in time for me to have breakfast outside in the sunshine before going to Sheila and Klaus's for my regular Monday art.  It is truly beautiful at the moment and we should make the most of it as I reckon we are in for a rude awakening next week when I see a week of rain is forecast.

The garden is still full of colour and wildlife (too small for the Cypriots to shoot on one of their designated hunting days!!!).  The bees are having a field-day at the moment as the lavender is in bloom.

On Saturday when Di and Rob were here Di spotted a brightly coloured butterfly still dancing around and we have a resident Praying Mantis on the pump house wall.  This one is called Theresa May PM although I have no idea whether you can tell if it is male or female!!

I had a very pleasant walk down through the village bumping into Linda who had been at the charm offensive yesterday and who had gone on the official guided tour of the new council office.  She said it was a really nice building and that rooms like the theatre were available for hire and that because we lived in the village and had therefore already contributed to the building there would be no cost involved in that hire - that sounds good to me and could be a possible venue for any forthcoming celebrations we might have.

Linda also said that there were plans afoot to improve the centre of the village - we have heard this before but nothing seemed to happen but apparently now that the bank is completely closed (shame that for the local elderly population) this is going to be knocked down (it is an ugly old building anyway) and a car park made on that site - we have thought the village has needed a carpark so that is a good idea - then apparently there is going to be some of the road cobbled which, if it is like what they have done in Kathikas, will look lovely - who knows - watch this space!

I missed art last week and even though Sheila and I didn't seem to chat too much my progress today was incredibly slow.  The flower head seemed to take me forever to work on!!  Still no rush - this picture is for me unless someone else wants it when it is finished. 

I forgot to mention that Sally and Tommy went home with one of my pictures - one I had done some time ago and forgotten about and found in my folder - Sally said she really liked it so I thought it would be nice for one of my works to find a home in deepest darkest Dorset!

John and I went down to Polis late afternoon to do a bit of shopping before going to get Kenny back.  I am trying to be good and only buy what I need at the moment because I am going to have to run the fridge, freezer and cupboards down to house the Christmas extras.

This sort of works if you don't take John with you to the supermarket!!!  I never had chilli flavoured nuts on my list or Galaxy flutes but they appeared in my basket at the checkout - maybe someone got confused as to which basket was theirs!!

Anyway driving back the sun was beginning to set and most evenings we are treated to wonderful skies - this photograph was hastily taken out of the car on my phone but the clouds are tinged with wonderful colours and the orange glow of the setting sun promises another lovely day tomorrow.

Kenny was collected and Kenny is fine - John drove him back up the hill and declared the knocking noise to have gone and the handbrake to be adjusted so all good on that count.  The bill wasn't too shocking either given the fact that when we try and source spare parts for Kenny Andreas always shakes his head despairingly - this surprises us because there are so many Kembaras, Terios's and Camis on the island.  I reckon you can only get the proper manufacturers bits and not looky-likey so that's why they are more expensive.

Di and I had belly dancing in the evening and whilst waiting for the children's ballet class to finish went into Home Concept to take a look at their fabulous Christmas display - they are having a special promotion on Saturday and I just might take a mooch down and take a look because there were some great things in there.

We went to Fitos's after belly dancing - Rob and Di are going back to the UK for a week and we wanted to have an evening out with them before they went.  It was quiet in there but then again it was a Monday night in mid-November but boy did we enjoy it - I had been thinking of Joanna's moussaka all through our bloody dance routine and they had just one portion left - result!!!  An even better result was that our Mukhtar Mr Stelios was in there with his wife and he sent us over a bottle of our favourite wine - maybe elections are coming up or maybe he was just being nice - either way it tasted lovely.

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