Friday, 25 November 2016


No gym again this morning - I am really going to have to get back into the swing next week but at least we have managed to get a four together for pickleball this afternoon because I am going to the mosaic class this morning to finish off my fish.  Good news we managed to let Liselotte and John know before they had planned something else and I know that we will get a damn good workout with those two this afternoon - in fact maybe I would rather be mosaicing!!!

This morning we were on the final stage of the fish.  We had to clean up the frames of all the excess guff.  We did this with some sandpaper and elbow grease.  Then we had something which was a cross between tar and boot polish to rub on the frame to give it some colour and bring out the grain of the wood.

Sharon couldn't come today because it was her first day volunteering at the Archangel Michael hospice so Kelly and I finished her frame for her and this afternoon Eleni was adding the hooks so they can be hung somewhere and either Di or Kelly are going to collect our completed works then.

Di and Janice are slightly behind the rest of us simply by virtue that they were the afternoon class as I was initially but then because of our visitors I had to swap to the morning  They are on the grouting stage which needed to be done this morning so it had time to dry before they finish off the frames.  It was glorious outside so they took their work out into the yard to take advantage of the sunshine.

Looking back at when we did the baskets last year the weather was equally as nice as I have pictures of us eating cake in the garden outside Palates - maybe November isn't such a bad month after all - I am sure visitors to the island at the moment will think it is fabulous.

I drove back home the back way and narrowly avoided a brief encounter with BigFoot's foal - they have been moved to opposite Andreas' house and the foal was wandering about on the road side.  There doesn't seem very much for them to eat where they are at the moment but I wonder if the owners are hoping that Andreas might give them some food as he has beautifully kept horses and foals of his own.

We had to stop off at the charity shop where Mum works today.  Every week Tala Monastery Cats organise an auction and occasionally I bid for something - it is my way of swelling the coffers and getting something in return.  I had forgotten I had bid on a cushion and as it turned out I had won it so it needed collecting today.  Normally Mum will do it for me but she isn't due into the shop until later next week.

We got to the pickleball building early and whilst I waited for Marios to disable the alarm (mindful of what had happened the other day when it went off) John took advantage of a squeegee which was loafing about and gave Kenny's windows a clean!  As anticipated a very hard work out this afternoon but very enjoyable although I don't think my knees will think so tomorrow and John has a problem with his knee too which is getting worse so I reckon it will be a trip to the Doctor for him soon.

Caught up with Mum and Dad who had been out to lunch with Ang and Richard and we have organised to go out with them to Fitos before they return to the UK.  John didn't stay too long at badminton - reckon pickleball must have worn him out!

A nice quiet evening - freshly  made Chili con Carne and a small glass of wine before some trash TV - too tired to start a new series today!  New cushion back home - I had thought it would look nice in the birthing chair but it is too big so think it will be housed in the lounge!

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