Wednesday, 2 November 2016


Those of us who sometimes struggle to sleep or just relax should take a leaf out of Boris and Charlie's book.  When I got up this morning I was greeted by a bleary eyed Boris peaking his head over the top of the cushion on the conservatory sofa.  Chilled is just not the word!!!

Boris and Charlie snuggle up together on the sacrificial blanket and just look oh so very comfortable without a care in the world!!!  If we were ever in any doubt as to whether they got on with one another or whether they were happy I think this photograph puts our minds at rest!!

Today we were meeting up with a friend of John's in Latchi.  A friend and fellow blades supporter who sadly lost his wife Maureen unexpectedly this year.  Peter and Maureen had lived in Tala and since her death Peter has returned to live in the UK.  This was to be his first return to the island and we were very keen to catch up with him and couldn't make last Sunday so today was the day.  John and I got down to Latchi early and started off with a nice frappe sat on the terrace of the Souli Hotel looking out to sea.

We then took a nice leisurely stroll around the harbour looking at all the fishing and pleasure boats and marveled at how warm it was and how beautiful the sea looked sparkling with the sunshine.

Anyone coming to the island this last week for half term will have had an absolutely fabulous week.  Yes I know we are desperate for rain but as a tourist that is the last thing on your mind and we were only remarking over lunch that some Octobers can be very hit and miss.

We had arranged to meet Peter at Molos and weren't sure exactly how many people would be turning up and as it happened in the end his son and his son's partner came along together with some other friends.  They were well impressed by the steak baguettes and chicken Caesar wraps - really you can't go wrong with this for lunch - really nice and very reasonably priced.  Peter said it had been hard returning but he had missed the island and he is back next for a break at Christmas and plans to come back every year thereafter for two or three visits.  I have asked him to come and join us for a meal when he is back next - he said he would because he doesn't want to be on his own at that time and I can understand that.  If nothing else he and John can discuss the state of Sheffield United which hopefully will still be positive at that point.

It was so pleasant that we stayed quite a while sat by the harbour and chatting - we suggested the group go and check out the Vasilikon Winery on their way back to Tala and they decided that was a grand idea so we left them to do that and made our way home where we spent the remainder of the afternoon/evening quietly catching up on some TV - Bliss!

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