Sunday, 6 November 2016


During the course of the night/morning the clocks changed and went back an hour - or at least they did here but in the Turkish Occupied North they did not, so the island which is already split in two geographically now has two time zones to contend with.

Our cats obviously think they are living in the T.O.N. as they wanted feeding at their normal time of 6.30am which is now 5.30am!!!

We put up with their plaintiff cries for about as long as we could manage and then gave up and gave in and went and fed them.

Bless them they weren't to know about the time change but we guess it is going to take a few weeks before their body clocks get accustomed to the difference!!

We don't mind really because we had had a good night's sleep and it meant we could relax for a while in bed with the tablets catching up on the news

Anyway as always seems to happen when the clocks change the weather changes too.  This morning although it was lighter earlier there was a very keen wind and a rolling mist to contend with and it felt so much cooler than it has done of late.   This does make for some spectacular sunrises ans the colours are carried in the cloud formations.

When I got up I thought it might rain in fact it looked like it might have already done so but that was probably just the heavy overnight dew which negates any need for watering - this is not a bad thing seeing as the island is desperate for water at the moment and I do like to try and grow plants in the garden that need minimal care.

Initially John put on some jeans as it was quite chilly!!  I am going to try and keep to shorts for as long as possible otherwise Winter will seem exceptionally long!!!

By the time the early morning mists had been burned off he decided he was far too warm and changed back into shorts and Dad even arrived in shorts later on and during the day it was lovely - almost too hot in the conservatory.

So glad we have the conservatory otherwise up here we would have to contemplate putting on heating much sooner than we do.

As I said once the mists dissipated we were faced with a lovely day - Bigfoot and her foal have been moved again and are now directly the other side of our wall.

It makes for such a lovely view from our garden and makes it easier for us to keep an eye on them.

Bigfoot is looking a little better - much less skinny and the foal looks to be ok too.  Hopefully the fields will begin to green up now there is more moisture in the air and the first rains will come.  There doesn't seem too much for them to eat in this field but they seem to be grazing all the time.  We know they are herbivores but we have given them some apple as a treat.

I slipped out to see Elena this morning - in fact I was slipping out to see Lola and deliver her picture which I have done for her.

She was absolutely chuffed to bits with it and I had to go and see where she thought she might hang it.  I am really pleased with the frame that I managed to find in Jumbos - it was just the right size and colour for the picture.

Elena seemed on good form - she was busy tucking in to some 'green eggs' which her neighbour had brought round - she was tired from having been out on a boat trip on Friday but ecstatic that she had been able to get into the sea and swim around - she has been dreaming of doing this for months and months and she said the water was fabulous.  So glad that she was able to do this whilst the weather was still good and the sea still warm.

My turn for lunch today and I had done a Chicken Stroganoff with potatoes and veggies and the plum tart for pud - still had a bit of an issue with a soggy bottom - not sure how you manage not to get one!

We rounded off Mum and Dad's visit with a game of Noms - blimey I was hopeless this week!!!!

We are mindful now that it gets dark earlier so we like to make sure that Mum and Dad get home in daylight.

One bit of good news we have eventually sorted out Dad's internet banking issue and I have to say a big big big thankyou to the customer services lady at HSBC in Yeovil for taking the time to ring me on a Saturday and sort out the logging in issue which was fundamentally caused by us and not by the bank.  I believe her name is Ann Osman or something similar and she is a saint!

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