Tuesday, 1 November 2016


At this time of year the sunrises are almost as spectacular as the sunsets - I know because I managed to capture this morning's as I got up to feed the cats.  How beautiful do the clouds look as they are tinged with orange and pink.  A lovely day ahead of us - what more could we want?

It was off to the gym for us this morning.  I am determined to try and better my performance on the bike each time but as it is marginally too big for me I am never very comfortable on it so I really must remember to take a cushion or something another time.  Anyway today my 20 minutes resulted in 13.36km covered and a massive 198 calories consumed - yeehah!!!  Combine that with pickleball this afternoon and I will have done more than enough for one day and certainly enough this morning to enjoy my biscuit(s) with my lemon tea out on the terrace!

On our return from the gym we were greeted by Charlie-Farley and Boris snuggled up on the sofa in the conservatory enjoying the sunshine coming through.  For some reason Charlie has developed some white spots in his fur - not sure why and they don't seem to be causing him any issues he just looks like he has been in or around some white paint - there seems to be about four or five at the moment.  Boris is well chilled - and when he is in this mood he will stay in all day - this is good - we like it when they stay in.

So as I keep saying we are approaching winter - the clocks go back at the weekend and now our breakfast of choice is porridge - John and I do not have ours the same (but then if you knew us you would know that was bound to be the case!!!)  John makes his with meusli and has it thick and dry, I make mine with porridge oats, milk, cinnamon, honey and sultanas - John looks at my breakfast and turns his nose up - I look at his and do the same!  Anyway despite the differences this sets us up for the remainder of the day until we have our tea when we return from Emba.

We have been contacted by one of the mothers who is on the local school parent teacher council to ask us if we will organise a village clean in conjunction with the school children next week - we are more than happy to do so but so close to the clean we did ourselves the other Saturday I needed to find a route near the school that would yield some litter - it's actually quite gratifying that the village is pretty clean compared to most.  Anyway I shot out in the car to have a scout around - in so doing I passed by the field where our neighbour Andreas has his two mares and their foals - unlike BigFoot and her foal these look in such good condition thankfully.

On the way down to Emba we were passed by the ancient little man from Inea (we think he lives in Inea) who is bent double and tends many of the fields in this area - we were travelling a bit quick to get a nice clear picture of him.  He is out in all weathers - we used to see him with his ancient wife sitting on the back and then she was replaced by an ancient dog.  Now he seems to be on his own - he is probably not as old as he looks and he is probably the richest man around but boy does he work hard.

I am pleased to say that I managed to get a frame for Miss Lola's picture so it is well and truly completed and I was going to drop it off this evening but Elena wasn't feeling so good so all things being equal we have agreed that I will go up on Friday for the formal presentation!  I know that Rabia will then want another picture done - this time of Pogba!!

Regular readers of the blog will have come to realise that Tuesday night is fridge surprise night as I will have shopped and cooked for the weekend and need to shop again but tend to leave that until Wednesday or Thursday when I tend to have the day unplanned.  Tonight was no exception as the contents of the fridge managed to yield a pretty palatable fritatta - inspired by my lunch at Klaus's yesterday - this was served with a simple onion, tomato, cucumber and basil side salad and was delicious.

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