Sunday, 11 December 2016

Another Christmas Celebration...

The weather is so much better today - a bright start and sunshine but with hot embers in the wood burner and a chilly feel in the conservatory John decided to throw on another log and treat our overnight guests to a warm and cosy breakfast.  Nothing too exciting just some butter laden crumpets to start the day.  Although I could have scoffed several John and I were going to be enjoying a Christmas meal at Sheila and Santa Klaus's and knowing what a cook Klaus is and the trouble he will have gone to then we needed to exercise restraint!!!  We were just going to sit down and eat when we got a phone call from Susan who had collected a puncture in the truck on her way down to Coral Bay.  Her husband is currently away so I don't know whether we were her first port of call or whether others were unable to help but needless to say John dropped everything and chucked on some clothes and went off to help her out - apparently when he arrived some kind elderly Cypriot guy had stopped to help but John finished the wheel change so that Susan could go on her way.

Nicky and Mark stayed for a while chilling out before making their way back to Emba.  They probably passed Mum and Dad on their way up to us as we had all been invited to the Knips.  It is really hard this time of year to decide what to wear because in general it is probably warmer outside than in when the sun is shining.   Layers are the order of the day!!!

Sheila and Klaus had really pushed the boat out for our celebratory seasonal meal.  They had trimmed their house up and were playing lovely seasonal music and there was a fabulous aroma of mulled wine coming from the kitchen.

Klaus had printed special menus for the occasion and we were going to be treated to a lovely lunch which included little nibbly bits to start alongside a homemade chicken and vegetable soup.

The main course was roast pork and crackling (John's prayers had been answered) with roast potatoes, roast parsnips, carrots and red cabbage and boneless chicken thighs wrapped in bacon all accompanied by a sauce.

Afterwards there was a really nice Christmas pudding from Lidl apparently and I normally dont go much on Christmas puddings but this was delicious with plump fat fruits and no horrible chewy lumps of candied peel.

Cheese and biscuits followed along with a coffee and a little snifter of something to round off the meal - mmmmm mmmmm all very delicious.

We exchange little gifts but as Sheila allows me to use all her art pencils and paper and Klaus then feeds me on a Monday, John and I always like to give them something a bit special so that they can treat themselves by way of a thank you and doubly so today because lovely Santa Klaus delivered us a load of wood he didn't want the other weekend.

Last year we gave them a voucher so that they could have an afternoon tea at the Elysium but this year we thought they might like to have a meal at the Herb Garden in Polis (hence our visit there last week) - we have offered to be their taxi for the night too so that they can both enjoy a little drink or even a big drink with their food.

I know that Sheila reads this so I just want to say Thank You Very Much - my Monday's just wouldn't be the same - I have learned so much about my art capabilities since meeting you and enjoy creating pictures with you.

We were stuffed when we got home - Mum and Dad made their way home before it got dark and John and I just slumped on the sofas and did nothing much for the rest of the day along with the cats who are certainly very much in favour of the wood burner!

John managed to find a stream for the Bolton Wanderers v Sheffield United FA cup tie but wasn't overly bothered about the game when he saw that the team which was chosen wasn't likely to win and he was right!!!

After that we continued with the ever more confusing Kettering Incident.  At the end of episode 5 we started to feel we had a bit of an understanding of what was going on so decided to press on with episode 6 only to try several streams all of which showed episode 1 - aaaaargggghhhhhh where the hell can we find episode 6 - it is too complicated to miss an episode.

Defeated we cut our losses and decided to go to bed with our tablets!!

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  1. Enjoy our art mornings and looking forward to our meal at the Herb Gardens. Thank you x