Friday, 16 December 2016


This morning you could have been mistaken for thinking it were the height of Summer were it not for the long long shadows and the fact that John is wearing a jumper!  The skies were fabulous - cloudless and clear blue.  This is a good day in December and we were calling into Susan's so that John could check the level of her swimming pool after all the rain and also to change the drinking water bottle for her.  In a change from our normal routine we were going down to Polis this morning and doing some shopping before going down to Paphos this afternoon.  We needed to go early as we didn't want to be rushing around and being late.

We got our shopping done and then some - my few bits turned into a €100+ trolley for some reason - maybe because the Leon was on offer and so were the cat biscuits - that was John and the cats sorted!!!  Anyway at the till I got handed some savings stamps things and realised I could get a decent frying pan for half price so went back in and got one because the one I currently use has one bloody great hot spot in the middle which nukes the food.

We got down to Emba in time to call in to Mum and Dad's - they had been so excited to get a clean and nearly mended Fred back from a lengthy stay at the vets only for him to disappear out of the door shortly after his return.  Mum has been nursing a shoulder injury but decided to give it a little try today.  She got some twinges and we persuaded her to rest it a bit further as ideally she will play on Tuesday when we plan to introduce Diana to the game.

We had decided to give the Tala Amphitheatre cafe a try this afternoon whilst John was playing badminton.  There had always been a little bar with outside eating area there for when there were concerts at the amphitheatre but had no idea what had been done to turn it into a cafe which could function throughout the winter - I know it is warmer down nearer the coast but Tala is quite a bit higher than Emba so likely to get chilly.  I decided to park in the carpark beneath the cafe so we could walk up the wooden steps rather than park the car somewhere on the road outside.

The cafe now has a lovely little glassed in area complete with a wood burner - it could probably only sit 30 people when full but we were the only people there at that time.  Apparently it is open from 10.00 till 6.00pm serving drinks, light meals and cakes.  The couple running it are brother and sister - London Cypriots who were really nice and friendly.  With the sun coming through the glass it was lovely and warm in there and the sofas were comfy.  Mum and Dad liked - this is good!

They both ordered a Christmas scone and cuppa - or at least that is what they thought - what arrived was an afternoon cream tea as they had two scones with jam and cream.  Apparently they were very nice - the little bite I had was nice and the scones were really light.  I had ordered a cuppa and some carrot cake - the cake was nice but not as nice as you get from the Tala Monastery which actually comes from Paps - still you would have to go a long way to beat that - next time I shall try the lemon drizzle cake.  The tea was a cracking cup - Ahmad Breakfast Tea which is really nice.

The low winter sun was peering through the clouds and reflecting on the sea - a nice view from the cafe and it was a successful trip.  Sadly when we returned to Emba Fred had come home but had been severely beaten up on his first outing after being in the vets.  He was in a terrible state and there was nothing for it but to take him back as he is so susceptible to infection.  The vets were so disappointed but think there must be a local cat who just has it in for Fred and that once he is patched up and on the mend he will have to be an indoor cat and only an indoor cat.

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