Saturday, 3 December 2016

November and we go to the beach...

Saturday and no ENAD but much more important a crunch match between Sheffield United and Charlton Athletic.  John didn't mind what he did today just so long as he was sitting down at 5.00pm with a beer and some nuts and listening to the game whilst keeping in touch with Di and Rob who would be at the match proper.

It is yet another glorious day here on the island and we woke early and got on with some chores.  I needed to get our tea in the slow cooker and tidy up a bit and look at my overflowing laundry basket!!  My housekeeping efforts are constantly thwarted by the cats who find the most awkward places to settle.  Bed making is a battle and today both Chivers and Boris decided to take advantage of the sunshine streaming in through our bedroom window.  Chivers got the blinkie - he is, or at least should be, alpha cat but he is a lover not a fighter although just occasionally he likes to assert his authority and today was that day, no blinkie for Boris.

Just to underline how lovely it was today (outside and in the sunshine) I was wearing shorts and flipflops and feeling the heat.  Indoors it is cooler and in the shade cooler still but it is the end of November.  Down on the coast it is considerably warmer - this we know all too well but at least we get the option living where we do and we never feel guilty putting on heating or lighting the fire in the evening if it is chilly.

We did all our jobs and then went down to Polis - we had decided to go and have a stroll on the beach but stopped at the Herb Garden for a coffee first.  This is a lovely venue and it is amazing how much the herbs have grown since it was originally planted up.

So playing around with my new favourite feature on my phone here are some photographs of the beach - empty just how we like it and beautiful.  It was warm down there - glad of the shorts and the flipflops!!!  John has a project in mind which requires some little pebbles and some large pebbles so we had a stroll along and picked up some likely pieces.

John was settled by 5.00pm, actually settled before that and in contact with the Veaseys who kept in touch with texts and photos and little audio clips of the crowd singing.  It sounded like the Blades were in total control for the majority of the game and John was a happy bunny as Scunthorpe were drawing and so the Blades looked likely to close the gap at the top of the table - that was until Charlton scored an equaliser in time added on after the 90 minutes.

John was gutted, the Veaseys were delighted and at the end of the day honours were even so we wont fall out with them (not that we would anyway!!!).  It was an opportunity missed but hopefully wont affect the current unbeaten run that the Mighty Blades are enjoying.  I thought I would add this picture - a rare sight this - Robert Veasey in close proximity to a Sheffield United flag!!!

One bit of good news for John after the disappointment of the football - Boris and Charlie both checking out the delux cat bed - Charlie didn't stay too long - not sure there was enough room for him and Boris together!

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