Tuesday, 20 December 2016


So this photograph is to underline the power of the blinkie - taken last night just before we went to bed - Mr Boo all snuggled up warm and toasty - he loves it, Chivers on the other hand wont step on the white fluffy side  - it is like he is going to step on something that is going to attack him!!!

It was a wet and soggy start today and we had to go down to Polis to run a load of errands including paying our electricity bill at the office because for some reason we could no longer pay it on-line or at least we could try and then we would get faced with a page all in Greek that stumped us.  Mr Lefteris in the Electricity board was very helpful and explained that the Greek page was something to do with our bank and so we had to go to Alpha Bank to sort it out.  The Electricity board office is opposite one of the chemists in Polis - the one which has that old faithful Santa Hunchback in the window - no wonder small children are afraid of him!!!

The bank was fabulous and sorted out the online payment issue in a second - apparently to cut down on on-line fraud there is now another layer of security when paying online - had I read my messages on the banking website I would have realised - lesson learned!!  Our bank is situated by the one and only roundabout in Polis.  Everyone ignores the fact that it is a roundabout because that inconveniences them if they want to visit the bank or the doctor so they simply ignore the fact and park around the perimeter and on busy days like today they double park!!  It does make me smile - John was in two minds as to whether to park on the road by the hunchback St Nicholas but opposite the Police were parked right on the pavement so he reckoned that he would be ok.

We had some shopping to do in Paps.  When we have rain like we had last night the carpark is a nightmare as it get transformed into a temporary swimming pool in places.  It must be nearing Christmas as the meat counter had adopted the ticket system which had clearly passed the locals by!!!  Anyway good old Valentin sorted me out and I managed to get three livers for the cats.  All bar some bread sauce and the fresh veggies needed for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day I think I am good now.

We paid a visit to the woodyard as we are still trying to find a solution to our seating problem on Christmas Eve - unfortunately they didn't have any wood suitable so we are now exploring plan F or maybe even plan G!!  We will get it sorted even if it might be just a little snug!!!

This afternoon I was introducing Diana to the joys of pickleball.  She had expressed an interest and now seemed as good a time as any!!!  I had explained the rudiments of the game last night and John sat with her for a while explaining what Jeff, Liz, Mum and I were doing.  Unfortunately Mum's bad arm didn't hold up so John filled in for a bit and then poor Di was thrown in at the deep end playing full games with Jeff, Liz and I.

Well for a newbie she did really really well, clearly someone who enjoys racquet sports as once she had got the measure of the bat and ball combination she started to string together some excellent shots.  She will be a good addition to the group.

After we had finished playing we collected up Mum and Dad and took them to Choccos for tea and stickies.  I opted for a milkshake and as Daisy had made more than required ended up having two for the price of one - result!!!

I had taken down with me the gourd lamp that Klaus had made for Mum as she had told him how much she liked one he had on show when we went for lunch the other Sunday.  She loved it, absolutely loved it and after a quick instruction on the remote control for the light we found it a home on the sunroom table.  If anyone reading this wants to buy one then head for That Nice Shop in Polis where Klaus has them on show.

As we left Emba the storm clouds were amassing - the weather forecast for tonight was wet and wild and the wind was beginning to pick up.  It was going to be a batten down the hatches evening.

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