Wednesday, 21 December 2016


Today was one of those nothing goes right sort of days...

It started when I woke up with earache - well sort of earache but probably more like the neuralgia I had before which is a bit of a bugger and will probably mean a visit to Dr George and his ultrasound machine thingy - goodbye €25 hello large prescription - Merry Christmas Mr Pharmacist!

Then we realised that the immersion is only firing on about 2 cylinders and that is being kind - it heats the water just about but nothing like as hot as it should be so we are going to have to get it replaced before we have visitors and before we need hot water for lots of washing up.

My tablet died this morning too - the USB charging port is knackered and so it wont charge anywmore - John looked it up on tintyweb and did what he could but it needed some specialist soldering tool that he didn't have so I contacted my mate Kyriakos who said there was a cheap option on some of the Samsung tablets and a much more expensive one - yep guess which one I have got - almost not worth getting it repaired but it is only just over a year old and I like it.

I baked today but god knows what went wrong - my lemon drizzle cake collapsed spectacularly and looked like a right car crash - I will just have to hope it tastes better than it looks - I will let you know.  I also made the soup for the jingle on Friday - took into consideration everyone's likes and dislikes and failed to take into consideration whether or not anyone had a nut allergy - too bad as it is carrot and peanut soup!

There was a stormy start to today and as forecast the temperature has really dropped - I hope it picks up as Jane and John arrive today and they are usually so lucky with their weather.  We were also going for Christmas drinks at Norma and Malcolm's in the village this evening and walking and they live down past the Spa so we needed it dry!

I don't know what is happening with the cats at the moment we just can't keep on top of appetites.  It must be because it is colder.  Today when I was having my porridge breakfast they were practically crawling up my legs!

I thought I would call their bluff and give them some to satisfy their curiosity but bugger me both Boris and Charlie absolutely lapped it up and then some!  Well I know what I will be feeding them if I ever run out of catfood!!

So not the best of mornings I am just hoping that the lemon pickle I have made for Roberto is ok - even that didn't seem to go to plan - to start with I couldn't find the recipe I had used before anywhere no matter how hard I looked, then when I found one similar I couldn't get the lemons to soften no matter how long I cooked them so I am worried that it isn't going to be nice and I know how much Roberto is looking forward to having his stock replenished - so apologies in advance - oh God I can't even stick to what I am good at which according to John is cooking and cleaning although not so much on the cleaning side!!!

It was a super moon tonight - and this is NOT my photograph because as you will have seen I have been using the camera on my phone rather than lugging my camera around everywhere and even though we had a brilliant view from Norma and Malcolm's the phone just couldn't pick it out.  We were able to walk down even though it was bloody chilly!

We had a nice evening at Norma and Malcolm's - we don't really know them that well except that they come along to the village clean and Norma is a fellow belly-dancer.  They rent a lovely villa in a secluded spot in the village and obviously love central heating as it was toasty warm inside!

We called back via the Droushia Heights Hotel and indulged in a carafe of red wine before making our way back home.  We love that hotel and are so glad it remains open during the winter - it was warm and toasty and the staff know us and we are made to feel very welcome whatever the reason for us being there.

On Friday they will welcome us for the jingle and then we will pop in quickly on Sunday evening when there is a carol evening in aid of the village school.

A nice day but I was feeling a bit under the weather by the time I went to bed - my ear thingy plays up when I swallow which is not so good.

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