Sunday, 1 January 2017

A New Year begins

Last year we spent a lovely New Year's Eve in the company of Lou and H and Mina and Claire - enjoying good food and good music.  At our mini Christmas Day a few days earlier Mina and Claire had given us a Happy Memories Jar and our intentions were to meet at the end of this year and reveal the entries that we had each posted inside.  Things did not work out as planned and we all abandoned our jars as the year unfolded leaving us with more sad memories than happy ones.  We have all agreed to start again in 2017 and look forward to our jars being filled to the brim by this time next year.  We can but hope.

So this New Year's Eve was a much quieter affair as we chose to have a meal at home with Rob and Di and, at times, we could have sworn we were joined by Elena... happens on these occasions our conversations would turn to the events of the last few days and at certain points the overhead lamp would flicker (something it has never done before).  John jokingly said that Elena had joined us and to confirm asked the lamp to flicker once for yes and twice for no.  It flickered once and then sporadically flickered at certain times during conversations about which she would have had an opinion.  It was probably just a faulty light bulb but I like to think she had joined us and was enjoying the evening.

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