Friday, 6 January 2017

Cats and the Coast...

I thought there must have been something wrong this morning when I woke and couldn't hear rain although to be fair I had seen the sky last night when the sun went down and it looked like Arodes was on fire so I guess it was responsible for the fine and dry morning we had which was such a blessing as I managed to get two loads of washing out and dried - good job too as I was getting a little low on the knickers front.

Mr Boo was very appreciative of the rays and was zonked out on the sofa in the conservatory whilst Pops, Mins and Fatso were all curled up on our bed.

It was our last day for feeding Millie - phew she was there, although refusing to come out of her bed even though it was reasonably warm outside.  John pumped out the overfull swimming pool and I tried to sweep up the leaves but the wind was against me so it was a bit of a lost cause - John and Susan arrive home in the dark so they aren't going to notice and if it has been windy during the day my efforts were for nothing anyway.  I cannot say I am sorry not to have that responsibility any more now if it is peeing down we don't have to get kitted out against the elements to feed Millie and because she is such a sweetie we just wouldn't miss a day whilst she is in our care.

On the subject of cats Fred is recovering having escaped from the house last week and got beaten up once again.  He returned in the wee small hours after his liberation with a huge great laceration where his right 'shield' used to be.  He clearly has not learned that he is no longer top cat in the vicinity but continues to chance his paw and comes off second best.

He looks a little lopsided and may well always look that way but he is loving and company for Dad (and Mum but Dad tends to be in the house more).  He seems a little more settled in his confinement - he certainly didn't rush to the door when I was there this afternoon and he can be easily distracted with the promise of food which, apart from going out and getting beaten up, seems to be his favourite past time bless him.

Mum and I wanted to get a bit of fresh air this afternoon - nothing much was likely to be open as the country celebrates Epiphany which is a major bank holiday over here.

We ventured out to try and find the Lighthouse beach bar - only because I wanted to know where it was - I was not expecting it to be open but it was and we called in for a cup of tea - I am guessing it is not looking at its best in the winter but the view out to sea was stunning and the three testosterone young men pumping iron outside the window was quite entertaining!

It was good to get a bit of fresh air but by late afternoon the wind coming off of the sea was a little biting to say the least!

It didn't seem to be deterring the hardened holiday makers - we actually saw one guy in shorts!!!

It was a good day for electric production and we had some bouncing hot water when we got home.  The days all seemed confused still - it just didn't feel like a Friday - not sure what a Friday feels like but not like today that is for sure.  It will be good to get back into a routine but until Jane and John go back next weekend it will still seem like the festive season.

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