Monday, 9 January 2017

Getting fed up of this weather!!

We woke this morning to some sunshine having had torrential rain throughout the night, I shot out of bed so that I could hang some towels out on the line and no sooner than my back was turned we had hail and snow storms - I gave up and left the towels out there to stiffen in the icy cold wind!!  This weather is now getting beyond a joke and I am fed up with it.  The snow and hail didn't come to much but the wind remained icy all day even though we had a bit of sunshine.  I have eventually got our weather station sorted but don't know how but for a while it kept insisting that the outside temperature was about 15 degrees warmer than it actually was.  We changed batteries and tried re-pairing them to no avail so I gave up and stuck the transmitter thingy back outside and after a while it sorted its life out - I know it is right now as it is showing the temperature outside to be in single figures.

The weather this time last year was glorious - we went beach combing at Limni and came back with a whole load of driftwood which had been washed up on the shore and it was warm - John was in a t-shirt and I think I remember getting a bit of sun/wind burn on my cheeks.  That was a good day all round, good weather and good wood to be found - result all round.  John was proud of that piece of wood and says that he hasn't burned it yet - I think he probably has a plan for it in some project or another.

We are slowly returning back to our normal routine and so I was going to art with Sheila and Klaus this morning.  The kids have gone back to school today after their Christmas break and this is the village at 10.00am in the morning - not a soul to be seen - people are back at work and those who are not are staying indoors to keep warm.  This is normal - it is a shame but it is normal.

It was my first opportunity to go and have a little chat with Elena - sadly the weather has rendered her plot into a bit of a mud-bath and so I conversed with her from over the wall.  She would have hated this weather.  Hopefully she would have approved of the night out we gave her children for the girls' birthday.  I had no gossip to impart to her today - she liked to hear the gossip but was always very fair about the people she knew - she always saw the best in them and was never bitchy.

I did not manage to finish my picture today - those pesky little flowers are taking time to complete plus I had several weeks worth of chat to catch up on with Sheila.  I reckon there is at least a couple of weeks' left before I need to start thinking about my next subject.

This is most definitely a picture that looks better from a distance and reminds me that I must go and get my eyes tested sooner rather than later because when I look away everything is blurry whilst my eyes adjust and then everything in the distance remains blurry until I remove my glasses and then it is clearer - this is not good news!

Both John and I need some TLC at the moment, I need a haircut as I am beginning to resemble Wurzel Gummidge, I need my eyes tested and I need to visit the dentist.  John also wants to have his eyes tested as he hasn't done so since he left the navy and he has begun to admit that small print is causing him an issue, he wants to see the dentist as he recently lost a filling or a bit of a filling and he has a million aches and pains most of which are centred on his knee which he moans about in the mornings then goes and plays sport without thinking about it and then moans about again!!

Back home we prepared for our guests who are staying overnight.  This will be the last opportunity we get to see Jane and John before their last night and so we thought they might like to brave the cold and come up to us.

Apologies for the poor photograph hastily taken on my phone but good to have them both here - I had put a coq au vin in the slow cooker which had bubbled away all day and we finally got round to watching the film I had earmarked for Christmas.  Despite the review Dad's Army was quite good and passed away an hour or so.  Can't believe their holiday is coming to an end - all that time and only about 3 days of sunshine - they will just have to come back when the sun is shining.

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