Tuesday, 14 March 2017

a normal Tuesday...

Another beautiful day today or at least it was this morning but as we were down in Paphos this afternoon we couldn't be exactly sure how it had been.  Anyway another early start today as John is keen to get the toilet project sorted in good time so today he was inside working out which tiles needed to be cut and to what size so that he can take them down today before he plays badminton.  I took the opportunity to do a little more weeding in the garden as the current fine weather has made everything grow but most particularly the weeds!!!

You realise what an effect the weather can have on you - nowhere looks more grim and gloomy than Cyprus in the depths of winter but when the sun shines there is no-where better and the sunshine lifts everyone's spirits - we may still get some rainy days ahead but we know that they will be few and far between and not set the tone for the summer.

I cut back what I think is a French Lavender which has got a bit leggy but is in full flower.  The colour of the blooms is absolutely outstanding and the flowers are far too pretty to throw away so I gathered enough to put in my little glass jug to add some colour to the kitchen.  That is going to be the closest I get to a bunch of flowers this side of my birthday - John is too busy to go shopping and we don't normally bother to celebrate birthdays that much anyway unless of course they are a 'big' one - this is big enough but not a milestone!

I forgot to add a photograph to yesterday's blog which was a picture of one of the mosaics near to where Sheila lives.

Someone had dumped a paper cup on the ledge which made for an interesting picture - either they dumped it or they realised that someone like me would appreciate the juxtaposition of the plastic cup and the eagle in flight!  I didn't have time to dispose of the cup this morning but if it is still there when we do our next village clean I shall get rid of it.  The next clean is scheduled for two weeks' time which hopefully will be fine and dry.  That Saturday is a BIG footballing day for both John and Robert as their respective teams are playing one another and they are making preparations already!!

Di drove me down to Emba for pickleball and kindly picked up Mum as Mum and Dad's car had gone for a service and an MOT - John had already left to sort out the tiles and to return the microwave I had ordered from Amazon as it had a problem with the door.

It was glorious down at Mum's although the wind was a tad chilly.  Their garden is looking fabulous - clearly Graham had been recently as there wasn't a weed to be seen anywhere!

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