Saturday, 4 March 2017

Catching up with friends...

We were catching up with old friends today.  We moved into Glenthorne Avenue and became neighbours with Helen and Pete in the 1990's when their daughter Kelly was about 5 and hung out of the bedroom window to ask us if we were going to be her new neighbours and now Kelly is a married woman with two children!!!!  Glenthorne Avenue was probably one of the nicest houses we owned - a proper house with central heating and a garage with an inspection pit and massive garden and was such a step up the property ladder for us moving from a Victorian terrace.  It now belongs to friends of our friends Laura and Mark!!!

So we drove down to the Pioneer Beach Hotel to see Helen and Pete and take them out to lunch with Mum and Dad (I had dipped in as it was my turn to drive).  The weather is unbelievably mild for February and I think Helen must have thought I was lying when I said they might need a fleece in the evenings!  They both look really well - we haven't seen each other for many years but they haven't changed a bit and we both said it was like we had only seen each other yesterday as the years just melted away.

We took the scenic route along the coast road where the bunting was still out after yesterday's carnival and there were plenty of tourists out enjoying the sunshine.  Helen and Pete have been to the island before and on one occasion stayed at our villa whilst it was still be rented out so I dare say they will see a few changes when they come and visit in the week!

We decided to have lunch out at Coral Bay and chose Phideas Taverna which we were supposed to visit with Jackie and Costas last week but unfortunately Jackie had to fly back to England unexpectedly as her Dad was taken ill.  We thought that the varied menu would give Helen and Pete the opportunity to chose whatever they fancied rather than we presented with an English style meal.

Once we had got them to shut a couple of doors (they were ALL open) it was comfortable in there and certainly plenty to chose from on the menu and we had a really nice couple of hours together catching up - it is good for Mum and Dad to have someone else to have a chat with particularly as they came with us to visit Helen and Pete's lovely house when they moved from Watercombe Heights to Mudford Sock which is where they live now.

We dropped Helen and Pete back to their hotel and then went to have a wander round so if anyone ever asks us what it is like we will be able to tell them.  It is a very nice hotel and they are more than happy with the bargain week they have managed to bag.  It is an Adult only hotel so the atmosphere is very calm and relaxing.  Almost at the end of the Hotel strip this doesn't bother the Garvey's as they are keen walkers.

We stayed for a quick drink before making our way home via the hospital where I had to drop off some supplies to Sonia who had been moved from ITU up onto a ward - this proved to be a bit of a challenge for me as I entered the hospital via the A&E entrance and then got lost in the bowels of the building before eventually finding where I needed to be.  I thought Sonia looked tired - the hustle and bustle of a more general ward after the clam of ITU has obviously taken a bit of a toll but the doctor came with the results of the CT scan and there was some improvement.  Good news.

Finally if you are reading this Mrs Page a very very happy birthday to you - fond memories of last year and your yurt experience...

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