Sunday, 26 March 2017

John is going to shout at me...

We woke to a beautiful dry fine morning with sunshine streaming in and the house feeling warm - much more spring-like than of late.  We had taken the time to clear up last night before going to bed so there were no horrible surprises to greet me when I got up, fed the cats, got the coffees and returned to bed to ease ourselves into the day.

We were going to have lunch at Mum and Dad's today because Mum was going to the cinema this evening to see the ballet being beamed there.  Tomorrow is a big day for various family members on the medical front including Dad who is going to have a cataract removed so we have to be up early and down to Emba to pick him and Mum up to get him to the clinic in Limassol for 10.00am.

We pottered this morning before meeting Christos from the village and showing him where John and Liselotte live so that he could deliver them a load of wood for their fire.  This was quite convenient as it was en route to Emba.  Christos was not a happy man because last night someone had taken parts off of one of his trucks which was parked opposite his house.  To be fair the truck did look like it had been abandoned but nevertheless it was his truck and now it is minus lights, bumpers, wind mirrors etc etc.  Not a nice thing to have happened and not a nice thing to have happened here in Droushia - he did make me laugh because he said he was informing the police and hopefully they would come and dust for fingerprints - that truck was about 100 years old (slight exaggeration) so I am guessing they will have their work cut out.  Anyway we drove cross country with him hot on our tail through some pretty stunning scenery - the island is so green at the moment and so full of spring flowers it is beautiful.

We continued on our way and drove to Emba via Lemba so that we could stop and take a look at the Cyprus College of Art which is such an unusual building and like Topsy grows and grows.  I would like to spend longer looking at it but John was keen to get to Mum and Dad's so we had time to play a game of cards before lunch.  Even though we had had a good meal last night I was feeling rather peckish!!!!

We had a lovely lunchtime - Mum and Dad were on good form and we enjoyed a good meal and a good game of cards and a few laughs and we left in good time to get home and feed the cats.  We planned to have a reasonably early night before our early start in the morning.

Mum and Dad's garden is far in advance being down in Emba and currently they have quite a few plants in flower.  For a short period of time they have the lovely irises out which are so pretty.  They don't last too long but are lovely whilst they are out.

We got home in good time and I decided I would go out for a walk to enjoy the remaining sunshine and John was watching the football and I wasn't too bothered so I picked up the camera and went for a wander across the road where I had picked some asparagus previously as John had asked whether there was still some around.

Take a long hard look at these few insignificant spears of wild asparagus - they have just cost me the best part of €500 because when I went out to pick some I was wearing my new glasses which I had asked to be made with Transition lenses because I thought I would benefit from having some sort of sunglasses as I never wear them.  I couldn't get on with the Transitions so every time it was a sort of half-light they would go black and I would be unable to see.  This happened last evening so I tucked the glasses into my sweatshirt and then having tramped around two fields suddenly realised they had gone and I had absolutely no idea where.  I ran home knowing that John's immediate reaction would be to shout at me and then he calmed down and helped me look but no joy so, as I cannot manage without them I am going to have to go and buy another pair. SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT - just when we didn't need any extra expenditure.  I shall see whether the household insurance will cover me but I am not hopeful and having just claimed for my old pair the medical insurance isn't going to pay up again.  Very expensive asparagus...

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