Wednesday, 29 March 2017

old friends and new friends...

Sadly the weather today was more than a bit miserable - grey and chilly and we were meeting up with our No 1 Stalkers Wendy and Bill from Pissouri and Bill's Mum Mary and his aunty Margaret.  They had persuaded Mary to come over with her sister for a break as Mary had sadly recently lost her husband (Bill's Dad).

We cleaned and tidied our place and John laid up the fire so that if they came back for a cuppa they would be nice and toasty warm.  I had bought some carrot cake yesterday from Paps so I could offer them something with their cuppa!!

We got ourselves ready and then made our way down to Molos which is where we had arranged to meet the Pissourians and decided we would be better to eat indoors although it was only marginally warmer than sitting outside!!!  Such a shame because Latchi Marina is beautiful but not quite so much when the sky is grey and the wind has a bit of a chill to it!!!

We got ourselves comfy and Wendy and Bill and Mary and Margaret arrived shortly afterwards.  Bill looks like his Mum - I think it is the area around the mouth which is similar.

Mary and Margaret were great fun.  When we ordered the drinks Mary opted for a Brandy - what a girl!!!!  We studied the menus although I have no idea why because John and I always opt for the steak baguette and today was no exception in fact Bill joined us with that choice, Mary had fish and chips, Margaret had the chicken Caesar salad wrap with chips and Wendy had a halloumi salad and we all agreed it was a really good choice of venue for lunch.

We took a little walk around the marina looking at the boats - it didn't feel too cold outside but we didn't want to walk too far so decided on just a quick turn round before going back to our house for a cuppa and that cake.

Before driving back to our house Wendy took a good look at the souvenirs being sold in Latchi to check out the items and prices and get ideas for her gift shop in Pissouri - O Vrakas Gifts.

We drove back through the village to give them a feel for where we live - they were amazed at how much cooler it felt when they got out of the car so they were more than happy to see that John had the fire lit and so we all settled down in the cosy warm and had a chat, a cup of tea and Mary and Margaret polished off the remains of the lemon meringue that Diana had made at the weekend and the rest of us had the carrot cake which was lovely.

It was really good to catch up with Wendy and Bill and good to be able to share the day with his family.  They are off to the North for a couple of days so we have our fingers crossed that the weather will improve although apart from today they have had pretty good weather in Pissouri and Margaret had even been brave enough to sunbathe and put her feet in the pool - brave woman - we couldn't get her to recreate the scene up here in Droushia!!!

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