Monday, 6 March 2017

Waiting for friends...

Not too much to report on today as we were getting ready for our visitors tomorrow - Pete and Helen.   They have not seen Villa 10b for a fair few years and they of all people, having stayed here when it was rented out and at its most basic, should appreciate the work we have put into making it our home.

We were mainly on cleaning and tidying and John getting ready for the aluminium men who are coming on Thursday but I did nip out briefly to try and sort some paperwork for Elizabeth (Elena's mum) before she returns to the UK tomorrow.  En route I passed Big Foot and her foal, The foal is looking chunky in his/her winter coat and both have clearly put on weight thanks to the abundance of greenery there is around now.  It is good to see them looking well or at least well for over here.

It was another sunny day today - February has been outstanding and we are so pleased for our visitors as they will be enjoying even warmer temperatures down by the sea in Paphos.  Chunky Charlie was out having a dust bath today - he has a patch on his back just above the base of his tail that he cannot reach himself so satisfies any itches by doing a bare necessities rub along the floor or lets me do it and chatters in ecstasy as I do so!

 A good afternoon playing pickleball was followed by a visit to the garage for Kenny to be looked at - the vibration issue doesn't seem to be anything too serious for the moment so we will chuck some more money at him in due course and tick him along.

I shall leave you with a few more pictures of John's valiant attempt at kite flying yesterday as there is nothing much more to report for today.

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