Tuesday, 25 April 2017


We are in the midst of the Easter weekend and my plans were likely to be weather dependent and after last night's rolling mists and cool temperatures I did not hold out much hope of doing much else than just slobbing around the house but I woke really early for some reason and when I did I could see a clear bright sun coming up over the hills which looked like it was going to herald a nice day and it did so that meant I could really do whatever I wanted because the weather wasn't going to hold me back.
  Today is not a bank holiday but for many it is part of their long holiday weekend so it is good that the sun is shining.  My early start means I will most likely have an early end to my day as I am sure my batteries will run out as the evening progresses.

Good job I don't have neighbours because I think I was hoovering around 5.30am but it was nice to have the house looking clean before I sat down for breakfast.

One of the pluses of having parents that live in a house with a big garden and one which produces beautiful roses is that I get to take some home with me and yesterday I cut a selection and they look beautiful on the lounge coffee table with the early morning sun catching the petals.

Cleaning done I stuck the washing on safe in the knowledge that if I put it out it would dry and add to the ironing pile.  At this rate Minnie Mou's nose will be touching the ceiling but she likes to sleep in the laundry basket (I cover the laundry first obviously) and she is a nervy little thing so once she is settled I like to leave her alone.

On the subject to the cats I am having trouble finding something that both she and Boris will eat consistently - I have liver and chickens liver in the fridge, both of which they normally wolf down but for some reason neither would eat either even though they were fresh!

I decided to spend time in the garden but not before I had done something with the second canvass I had loafing around.  The jury is out on this one as it is quite different from the one I did of the Allium heads so will let John decide whether they should be found a permanent home in our bedroom - they are just propped up on the side at the moment - John doesn't need to worry that I have tried to put up a picture hook.

When I went out to tackle the gardening I realised that the pool pump was on - a recent powercut had meant the timer was out and although I could find it, I wasn't sure exactly how it got set so I turned it a bit hoping it was in the right direction - I now know that it comes on mid morning at least and if it comes on then it must come on again later.  I took the opportunity to slowly brush down the tiles and encourage the dust that had settled towards the drain at the bottom so that it could be sucked away whilst the pump was on.  So far the pool isn't looking too bad - it isn't green which is the main thing but I wish the bloody woodlice would stop committing hari cari in the deep end - even with the net I am finding it a bit deep to scoop the buggers up.

I cut back the things I wanted to cut back, did some weeding, tried to do a bit of sitting in the sun but Charlie put paid to that as he insisted on sitting on my lap and was (a) too heavy and (b) too hot.

This afternoon whilst still awake I made Hot Cross Buns for the very first time - on a whim really because they are best eaten fresh and there is only me here at the moment so I may just have to make a complete pig of myself.  I just about had the ingredients but the yeast has been in the cupboard since the year dot so I wasn't sure whether it was still active and my oven is fierce so I wasn't sure whether they were cooked inside but their bottoms were brown.  The two that I have eaten so far (for quality control purposes only) have been lovely and the centres are cooked.

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