Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Getting ready for summer...

It is really time to think about getting the garden ready for summer although we have one more coptic storm to endure which is due at the end of April and which is 'sand laden' so leaves everything in a right old mess.

I am no interior designer nor do I have the disposable income to dress the house and garden exactly as I would chose but I do my best with what we have.  Part of me would like to have clean lines, rather more minimalist than we have but I like 'stuff' and pretty things and our house is filled with items which are of great sentimental value with memories attached.

Thank goodness for shops like Jumbo is all I can say as it allows me to indulge my passion but at a reasonable price.  Today I finished dressing the front seating area.  I put the curtains up on the gazebo which means one less bag of stuff we have temporarily stored at George's (with his permission).  The roof can wait until after the coptic - generally we have them up beforehand and regret the decision immediately as they never last and end up being ripped to shreds.  Apparently you can buy replacements at the SuperHome Centre but whenever we have been to do so they are out of stock or sold out.  If I am passing that way then I will call in and check and hope to be successful.  If the ones we have last another season then great I will have spare new ones for next year.

The front seating area gets the sun during the day and into the evening but is an area we tend not to use so much so when we saw some nice reasonably priced furniture the other day we decided to treat ourselves and Charlie has given it his seal of approval joining me this afternoon and checking out the chairs for their snoozability factor.  It seems to have got a 10 from him!

I plan to use this section of the garden for afternoon tea and for Dad to go and check his eyelids for pinholes after Sunday Lunch!  Having said that Mum and Dad haven't been up here for weeks for one reason or another but next Sunday it is most definitely my turn and we can have our lunch and maybe (if the sun is shining) have a little drinky there beforehand.

I was able to do a little gardening today between delivering some of my hot cross buns to friends and neighbours and staying for a cuppa and a chat.  I was amazed by how many bees we have in the garden at the moment - normal ones not just the masonry type and then I realised that they were swarming outside the guest bedroom door - it would appear that they are trying to nest in one of or near one of the plants there.  I shall have to call in Bassam and see if he can capture them for one of his hives.  They don't bother me but they just might bother any guests we have who try and relax in the steamer chairs which are adjacent!

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