Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Keeping busy...

I am keeping busy and doing lots of creative things including my regular art session with Sheila which is using pastel pencils and my picture of the peonies in a vase continues to take shape albeit very slowly.  Peonies have so many petals!!!!!  Still I am in no rush to get this completed save for the fact that some of the work that I did weeks ago may need some touching up if I take too much longer!

Back at home I decided to get the water colours out - I rarely use this medium nowadays but I had two canvasses stored under the sideboard in the lounge and the cats keep pawing at them so they were in danger of getting destroyed.

I had seen a rather nice picture of some Alium heads and decided to use one of the canvasses to recreate what I had seen.  Water colours can be so much softer and looser than working with the pastel pencils so there is more room to be a bit less rigid in your approach.  I quite enjoyed this project - I shall find something similar for the second canvass and probably see whether Chris will put them up in Sonnys - the finished article is below...

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