Friday, 21 April 2017

Nice in Droushia...

Today was a rare day indeed when it was warmer up here in Droushia than down on the coast.  Normally I get up, feel the chill and wrap myself in layers looking not dissimilar to an onion.  Then I wander down to Polis and feel the warmth.  I look like the hick from the sticks and have to peel away the layers!

Today after a miserable start the sun broke through and I donned my shorts, sandals and vest top for my shopping trip, negotiating the delight that is Paps prior to a bank holiday when the Cypriots finish their pre-Easter fast and go wild in the aisles.

It was grey down on the coast and windy and seriously cooler than up at home so I was rather glad that in the depths of Kenny's boot I found myself a cardi to keep me warm.  We are not sure whether this is the final copic of the season come early.  Due on 29th April they are supposed to be warm and sand laden but there was little evidence of sand in the atmosphere.  The coptics are pretty accurate and rarely deviate by more than a week so this would be just a little early.

Being out and about in a happily purring Kenny now that his exhaust has been looked at and repaired I decided to wend my way along the coast and ended up in Pomos.  John and I can't have taken that route for months as there are now two petrol stations in Argaka and a footpath all the way along the coast side.  Blimey how that area has changed since we first started coming to the Island, then it really was the back of beyond and now it looks really rather cosmopolitan with a variety of eateries and bars and much more manicured and less wild than it used to be.

I didn't stop long - it felt like it was going to rain but it was nice to get out and let the wind blow through my newly coiffed hair - trip to the hairdressers has banished my grey or rather blended it in with something which Lumi referred to as Nordic blonde!  Have to thank Rob and Diana Veasey for the voucher they gave me for my birthday which enabled me to have more than a cut this time.

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