Friday, 14 April 2017


I have submitted a photograph for consideration to be included in a forthcoming exhibition.  The exhibition is under the Space for Art Charity and will be raising money for Pasycaf (the Cyprus Association for Cancer Patients and Friends) and the Cancer Patients' Support Group.  The subject is My Cyprus - A Personal View

13 successful entries will be featured in a charity calendar and my thoughts were that there will probably be lots of entries that feature the island looking magnificent in sunshine so I decided to chose a photograph that shows a stormy day.

This photograph was taken at Potama Bay near Sonny's and before the Sea You beach bar was established.  It was blowing a right old Hooley and the massive palm trees were bent almost double but it still looked wild and beautiful.

If the proposed Marina ever gets built here then this location will change beyond recognition - it is one of my most favourite spots but will pay the price in the name of progress so I am hoping it will be captured for posterity on a charity calendar.  Who knows?

Anyone interested will be able to see the exhibition of entries from June 10th - 17th at the Kyklos Gallery which is apparently somewhere in Kato Paphos at 3 Minoos Street!

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