Sunday, 21 May 2017

Art for art's sake...

The temperature is rising and it is exceptionally hot for this time of year - today even here in Droushia we were recording over 30 degrees and my little sensor is in the shade so I reckon if we were to have moved it it would have been off the scale!!!

This is good news for all the visitors currently on the island, Janet and Alan down in Paphos, Mike staying at Palates in the village and Vera, Robster's mum who has come over for a week to see where they live.  Not bad for an 85 year old - she seems to be loving her time and I know Rob will be so very chuffed that he has managed to get her here so she can understand the attraction and visualise their home and their life and their friends.

This is a beautiful time of the year as there are still some wild flowers up this end of the island and our gardens are springing into life before it all gets too hot and everything looks tired.  It will soon be crunch time for those plants which have seem to have perished over winter - decisions will need to be made as to whether I just leave them as interesting sticks in the hope something will happen or just whip them out and replace.    I am thrilled to report that the first tender shoots of the clock vine have started to appear looking like asparagus poking through.  It is hard to believe that in a few weeks time this plant will have grown up the A Frame and started to cover the railings at the top on the roof terrace.

If you ever need a plant to cover something this is the one - it manages to survive the ravages of the winters here in Droushia so would do well just about anywhere.  I cannot believe I never saw it on sale over the in UK - maybe it was there and I just didn't know about it - anyway if you are looking you want to find Bengal Clock Vine Thunbergia grandiflora and you wont be disappointed by it, fast growing, lush foliage and the most magnificent blue flowers which hang down in bunches.

The warmer weather and the increase in flowers around and about has brought with it a plethora of wild life - some welcome and some not so - the gigantic hornets are around and seem to make a bee-line (or is that hornet-line) for the conservatory.  Also in the conservatory we had one of those big green crickets which make a noise like an electrical current when they do whatever it is they do - he (or she) was rescued by John and put in the garden so that the cats didn't rearrange its limbs or worse shorten its lifespan.

Anyway onto the art bit as per the title of this post.  I am continuing with my picture of the peonies which although time consuming and eye-crossingly fiddly is coming on a treat and I like the subject and I like the colours so this one is going to be mine and will be displayed alongside the picture I did previously of the hydrangeas.  I think my work is ok, some of it better than others but when we went to Tea for Two to meet up with Janet and Alan my lovely friend Jackie Pentalioti had a small exhibition of her work at Tea for Two (She and husband Costas are the owners).  Her passion is fabrics and her work is absolutely unbelievable in its detail.  The picture of the chair was outstanding and it makes me realise I have a long way to go to reach anything like her standard!!!

If you are down in Paphos along where the hotels are the new Tea for Two is located next to the Panaretti Hotel Apartments next to the Cavalini restaurant and under Gabors.  She has a few of her paintings there for people to see and some of her beautiful mosaic mirrors.  We were lucky enough to receive on of these from Jacky when we moved permanently to Cyprus and it is hung very proudly in our guest bedroom.

I took Mum and Dad down to Tea for Two to catch up with Janet and Alan and we sat in the shade enjoying a cuppa and a slice of Jackie's legendary lemon meringue pie which she has always made for the Tea for Two establishments and continues to do so.

Janet and Alan both like walking so they are pleased that the location of Paphos Gardens gives them so much choice and yesterday they investigated the bus service opting for a 5 euro all day ticket and taking themselves on and off the buses to explore areas too far to walk.

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