Monday, 15 May 2017

Back to normal...

So after all that planning and all that fretting and all those sleepless nights and all those miles and those very expensive drinkies we are back to normal like we never left and today it was May's Ladies Lunch and being May we venture away from the Hotel so as not to hog the dining room from paying customers.  Today it was warm enough for us to dine al fresco in the courtyard garden that is at the back of Finikas Taverna - our favourite place in the village and somewhere we like to dine andtake visitors to dine.

Although we were a select group - for some reason there is a reticence by some to sample the delights of Marina and Philllipos's cuisine - the taverna did us proud.  I have to say today I ate some of the most wonderfully roasted potates I have had anywhere at anytime.  They were delicious beyond words!

Somehow the 'light' part of light lunch got lost in translation as we had plate upon plate of salad, dips, chicken, halloumi, souvla and those legendary potatoes followed by cake and fruit.  It was just so lovely sitting there under the lemon tree (although not for Luscious Linda who nearly got knocked out by a faller!!).  It was also brilliant to see others dining outside - probably staying at the hotel or one of the other establishments in the village.

It was a nice introduction to 'normality' although I am dog tired and still feel like I have been on a boat for weeks - maybe that is what jet lag feels like - I am not sure either that or my blood pressure is up the creek!!

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