Thursday, 25 May 2017

Bad hair day...

You can tell we have been busy because both John and I are desperate for a haircut.  In fairness John has been several times to see Stelios but been faced with a massive queue and he doesn't do queues - I did get round to contacting Lumi yesterday only to find that she is currently on holiday - NOOOOOOOOO at this rate I shall end up looking like that weird guy from the 80s group Flock of Seagulls and John will look like Donald Trump!!!

We are going to have to sit down with the diary and make time along with the million and one other things that have taken a back seat whilst we have had family and friends visiting the island.  It is lovely to see them but my expanding waistline and dodgy barnet will need addressing and soon!!!

Tonight was one of those 'bus' days - nothing comes along and then everything happens at once because our lovely friend Clare was celebrating her 40th birthday and we had arranged to take Mike out for ribs at Steni before he goes home.  There was nothing for it but to take Mike with us to wish Clare all the very best and then we would have to give our apologies and head for the hills.

We dashed back from Paphos and got ourselves ready before pitching up at Palates and picking up Mike.  The sky was looking very threatening - the forecast was bad for the weekend - in fact it has been pretty poor the last couple of days.  Poor Mike is the only person staying at Palates even though Sylvia told him that from last weekend it was going to be full.  Whilst he likes the place I think he would appreciate just a little more company!!!  Anyway he got to the car looking like a native sporting a pullover - good man this is most definitely not a night for shorts and T-shirt.

I have to say Mike is one of the nicest people I, in fact we, have ever met - it was a chance meeting and we have stayed in touch and although we do not see him often we know that through this blog and our affinity with Sheffield United we are in touch and we look forward to his next visit whenever that might be.

Anyway I digress - we picked up Mike and headed off to the Oaks where our lovely, mad friend Clare was celebrating her birthday.

I told her off for not giving us enough notice to make sure we had the evening free but she said that originally she wasn't going to be doing anything.

We stayed for a couple of drinks before we had to head off to Steni.  The weather had deteriorated big style and so we had to dodge the rain and the thunder and lightning to get to the car - deep joy bring on flaming June - at this rate John will want to be lighting the wood burner again!!!

When we got to the Watermill at Steni it was absolutely packed so thank god we had booked a table even if it was one which got dripped on when the heavens opened.  The ribs did not disappoint although the service was a bit lacking - new staff who just didn't seem to quite cut the mustard unfortunately.  Still Mike loved it which is all that mattered and we ended up the evening with a coffee at the Droushia Heights and said our goodbyes until the next time.

The rain watered down the wine which is absolute sacrilege in my book - Global Warming has a lot to answer for I can tell you.

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