Saturday, 6 May 2017

Every picture tells a story

When we go to Rob and Di's they have a selection of photographs playing on their TV in the kitchen, it is a fascinating record of their lives and some of them now feature John and I.  It occurs to me that I have hundreds, if not thousands of photographs taken over the course of my digital camera relationship and they are pretty much nowhere to be seen so I thought it would be a nice idea to transfer a load onto a memory stick and have them playing when there is nothing on the TV.  It is, of course, a complete time-waster as something catches your attention and then you sit looking at the pictures and reminiscing.

I had all my photographs backed up onto an external hard drive (before the days of the cloud) and the bloody thing failed.  I managed to get a bit of software to help me recover what I could from the drive but it resulted in a mass of photographs, no longer neatly stored in named folders.  Some of them were duplicated, triplicated, quadruplicated or worse and I was faced with a series of folders which amounted to some 88,000 photographs!!!!

I am steadily working my way through selecting some key shots to put on the stick but it is a laborious exercise and because they are in random order I come across recent shots intermingled with ones from way before we moved over here and then I stop and think back to that occasion, sometimes with a smile, sometimes with a tear as there are people who we know we may never get to see again and others who are sadly no longer with us.

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