Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Mum is 82...

It is my Mum's 82nd birthday today and for about the third year running global warming has given us a wet and muggy day, not so wet down in Paphos fortunately so Alan and Janet's holiday isn't being spoiled but wet and windy and thundery here in Droushia - it meant we had a day pretty much confined to barracks save to check the Veasey's establishment and return the wheelchair hired for Vera.

It was no hardship to be indoors - the current round of visitors means that we are feeling a little tired and a little bloated from all the glorious food we have been consuming - our waistlines are beginning to complain!  I see salads on the horizon for the foreseeable future or at least until our next lot of visitors arrive which is only a couple of weeks' time.

Tonight we were dining at Mum and Dad's favourite establishment Gabors down in Paphos and John and I were picking up Janet and Alan from Paphos Gardens en route to the restaurant.  They are really enjoying staying in this area as it gives them freedom to explore and whilst it may be a little tired and a little basic they cannot fault the cleanliness, friendliness and food - what more do you need?  I really admire them for their positive attitude - they are very much glass half full people rather than glass half empty and they see the best in everyone and everything - it makes them happy and cheerful whatever is thrown at them!

Mum and Dad were being picked up by Angela and Richard.  They are the reason that Mum and Dad came to the Island in the first place - staying at their apartment many many moons ago and therefore are the reason we followed suit.  We are all Keinton Mandeville-ites because even though John didn't ever live there (although we looked at a house to buy there once) he played for the football team.  How special to have four couples from a tiny village in Somerset all assembled around the table of a lovely restaurant in Paphos to celebrate Mum's 82nd birthday.  Not sure what the combined age was around that table but it was a fair few years as Janet celebrated her 82nd in January.  She was born on the same day as Elvis, same day and same year and is a huge fan - in fact they managed to find an Elvis impersonator near their hotel and they are going to see him again before their holiday finishes.

Gabors did not disappoint and Janet and Alan had not been before so they were really impressed by the whole experience - from the little soup tasters at the beginning of the meal to the glasses of brandy warming on a stand at the end of the meal and the carnations which we ladies were given as we left.

The restaurant has a full a la carte menu and a fabulous three course set menu which is brilliant value and the quality and choice is extensive.  I have to admit to going off piste because they do the most delicious duck salad starter which would do me as a main meal and I normally follow that with a fairly plain roasted cod dish - I had the same last night - it was lovely and I didn't have a sweet so wasn't left feeling too full afterwards.

The restaurant new we were celebrating mum's birthday so they came with a special sweet in recognition with the plate decorated in honour and also came with a gift of a clock for mum to take home.

Mum and Dad have been going for years and whilst some of the staff have come and gone John is always there at front of house and he has a real knack of making everyone feel special.

Must thank Mum and Dad for paying for the meal - it was a really lovely evening and as I said so great to have that mix of people sat around the table.

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