Tuesday, 23 May 2017

oh oh oh it's magic - you knoooooooow

With the weather forecast for the remainder of this week rather iffy, with storms on their way which should clear the atmosphere of any dust and settle things down for the remainder of the summer, what better place to spend a long and leisurely lunch than the Magic Garden in Mesa Chorio...

...This location is always a crowd pleaser even if you have to decamp into their dining room as we did last time - even that room has a charm of its own.

Michael and Mima's home and garden provide the most beautiful setting for food which arrives and exceeds expectation in quality and presentation.  It is the sort of place that you want to survive but which you never want to be overly busy.  It feels like you are part of some super exclusive dining club when you are in there.

We have contributed to the plants in their garden as they have to ours and even today Dad was busy taking a few little seedlings of a succulent he had his eyes on and in return the purple moon flower which Dad gave them last year is giving the most magnificent display by way of a thank you.  In this little micro-climate everything seems so much  more advanced than in surrounding gardens.  Of particular interest was a tree which boasted huge yellow blooms like massive lilies and which I have tracked down and it is called Solandra Maxima - the Cup of Gold Vine which is tender unfortunately so would be no good for me up in Droushia.

Aunty Janet and Alan were well impressed by the venue and the food and I have to thank Alan for paying for our lunch today.  It is amazing that such good food and such a wide choice is available from what is a domestic kitchen.  Michael comes with his 'standard' menu which is comprehensive in itself.  In addition to that he always has some 'extras' and today there was another 'lunchtime only' menu.

So to give you an idea of what was on offer John had sesame seed crusted halloumi with salad for starter and Dad and I had deep fried camembert with a sauce and salad garnish - the others passed!  Janet and I had a beautifully fresh prawn and avocado salad for main, John had slow cooked shin of beef, Dad had kleftiko, Mum had cod and chips and Alan had chicken breast cooked with a pineapple sauce.

I forgot to take a picture of the puddings,  John had a glass filled with a banofee concoction which he said was fabulous and Dad and Alan had white chocolate baskets filled with icecream and topped with a mango coulis.

mmm mmm mmmmmmmmm - it was lovely - this is one of our most favourite places for lunch and we have to thank Sheila and Klaus for introducing us to this exceptionally unique culinary experience.

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