Monday, 22 May 2017

So in love with this village...

We don't need visitors to make us appreciate how lucky we are to live where we do but when you see it through their eyes it really makes us doubly appreciate what a lovely village Droushia is and how fortunate we were all those years ago to have sent Mum and Dad off looking for our 'forever home' and them spotting the sign for Courtyard Villas for sale - the rest is history and this is where we live - the journey was not without its ups and downs and fraught moments during the purchasing process but we made it and as we now enter our seventh year here we count our blessings.

Case in point was tonight as we were walking into the village to catch up with Mike, Diana, Robster and Vera for a meze in Finikas.  We passed the Simeon Estate gates which were open.  Until recently this dwelling was rented by a German couple but they have now left and we have seen it advertised as a holiday rental but weren't impressed by the photographs nor the cost.  When the gates are closed all you can see is a pair of old traditional wooden gates and poking above the wall the top of an impressive weeping willow tree.  We have on occasions stood on the well which is outside and peeked into the garden which is lit at night and looks charming.

There was someone working in the garden as we peered through.  That someone was the owner who cordially invited us in to take a good look round and told us about the property and when it was built.

He didn't mind where we went and was more than happy for us to take photographs.  He was getting the place ready for the season and having been in and looked around we thought it was absolutely delightful.  It would sleep six so three couples could share without being on top of one another.

For a family the cost of rental would be rather high but split between couples would work out as quite reasonable.  I have had a look and if you were coming for the next week the cost would be about GBP850 which split between three is good - obviously it increases towards the height of the season but having seen it in person we were pretty impressed.  Very private, very traditional and with so much outside space if you were sharing then you wouldn't be on top of one another.  Only trouble was at this time of the year the whole garden was in shade and so therefore the pool could be pretty cold.

We met Mike under the vines of Stathmos where the local men were playing Tavli - such a traditional scene which wont have changed in the village for years.  There was some good natured banter between our table and the men playing Tavli - we asked if Barcelona Man was still the champ but it would appear that Bambos was winning today.

We had some pretty lethal Tonic and Gin - can't say Gin and Tonic because it was 9/10th Gin - one can of tonic shared between three of us was still three quarters full after we had filled our glasses.

It was so lovely sat there watching the sun go down listening to the guys socialising and catching up with what Mike had been up to.

I was more than happy when Diana text to say they were running late because there was no way on earth I could neck down a drink of that strength so we didn't have to rush it and wandered down to Finikas when we were ready - not much later than we had booked for and we knew it wouldn't matter to Philipos and Marina anyway as she would cook most of the food to order anyway.

We had a fabulous evening and we think that both Mike and Vera enjoyed themselves too.  The food was excellent as always and far too much.  Sitting in the courtyard was wonderful - as our friends Kim and Steve said - traditional Cyprus at its very best.

Vera returns home tomorrow - Robster and Di will accompany her back and stay for a few days before returning to Cyprus - we will be on watering duties once again.

Mike John and I ended a magical evening with a carafe of wine at the Heights with an accompanying platter of fresh fruit.  I know I say it all the time but Ain't We Lucky???

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