Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Sunday - rocking in downtown Droushia

So we are gradually getting back into a routine and it was my turn to have Mum and Dad up for Sunday lunch.  John and I were going out into the village this evening to support a musical evening at Finikas in aid of Cancer Support so I was doing a light lunch of Coronation Chicken with Coleslaw and some lovely Jacket Potatoes and followed that with a Bread and Butter pudding made with Di's homemade marmalade.  Not sure the lunch was as light as I had intended and what with the recent globetrotting and the sunshine coming through the conservatory Mum and Dad zonked out after the meal!!!  Sorry Mum and Dad I just couldn't resist!!

The musical evening was to start at 6.00pm.  It didn't start out too well as we had the misfortune to have two of the rudest English woman I have ever met sitting at the same table as us.  Yes they were there first but they had plonked themselves down making it difficult for anyone else placed on that table to sit together.  They moaned continuously about everything and clearly didn't like being out of the sanitised surroundings of Little Britain (aka Peyia) at one point when both stood up and looked like they were leaving Diana politely pointed out that they had left an Ipad on the table and they were just unbelievably rude - I can honestly say we were thrilled when they left midway through the performance.  After that everything improved and I was hugely relieved having persuaded Rob and Di to come along.

Once Polis Charalambous showcased his outstanding guitar playing skills the room came alive.  His hands were like lightning and he made that instrument sing and he made the audience sing - John and I even danced at one point!!!

I as chuffed to bits when Polis did an off the cuff rendition of Classical Gas as an encore - it was my request and I love that piece of music - he did it proud and rounded off a fabulous evening which may not have started so well but certainly finished with us buzzing!!!

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