Saturday, 20 May 2017

Technology and Travel

Isn't it fabulous that advances in technology, travel and healthcare mean that octogenarians like my parents have been able to travel thousands of miles to Dubai for a family wedding and returned safe and sound feeling like it never really happened ?  Isn't it fabulous that my precious godmother Janet and her partner Alan (he is not an octogenarian I might add) have made it over from the UK even though Janet has declared this will be the last time she flies - although now she is hear and enjoying herself I kind of wonder whether she might not go somewhere on a plane one more time and isn't it fabulous that my Uncle David and Aunty Joyce will be returning again in October - David being one of the Fun Boy Three who celebrate their birthday on September 16th (the others being Dad and John).  David will be 85 this year and a real switched on cookie except for that time we went out and he had his sandals on the wrong feet and wondered why the buckles were rubbing the inside of his ankles!!!

It is lovely to have my godmother here and apologies for the state of the photograph but there she is holding me in her arms before my christening with my Gran on the right (mum's mum) Mum in a floral dress, Aunty Joyce in red, my other godmum Aunty Jackie having a fag and some random bloke in the back.  Taken in 1960 in Keinton Mandeville.

Tonight we were getting together at Mum and Dad's so I went and picked up Janet and Alan from where they are staying at Paphos Gardens and took them the scenic route along the Tomb of the Kings Road to Emba.  Alan was well impressed by the new dual carriageway.  It is interesting to see things through a tourists eyes as we now take it for granted and wonder whether it was necessary in the first place!  Alan thinks it is marvellous and it has certainly tidied up that drive through although I still think some of the character has been lost in the the name of progress.

We shared supper together - one of my favourites - Coronation Chicken with salad and hasselback potatoes - mmmm mmmm and enough left over for us to take home for in the week - bargain.  We had a lovely evening - catching up on the news and reminiscing about our many shared years together when I lived in Keinton Mandeville and when John used to play for the football team - I am surprised Alan didn't have a signing on form in his pocket 'just in case' he always used to.  We managed to show Janet some of the photographs from the wedding in 'Aba Dubai' (en route to Sniggerpore) (bless Janet she could give Mrs Malaprop a run for her money.  We even regaled John with stories of our success when we had a women's pushball team sponsored by Showerings (Cider and Babycham) and we would come home with alcoholic prizes for our efforts thanks to the lovable rogue Bob Edgell who was a legend in his lifetime.

Sadly no actual photograph from those days in the 1970s when any entertainment in the village centred on the newly acquired playing field.  No being glued to a screen in those days - it was up and at 'em the Mighty Chatham and we all got together as a community.  Great times although not such great fashion...

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